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We’ve appealed our real estate taxes twice and got our bills lowered. We’ll do it again. Our 1950s neighborhood is undergoing a McMansion boom and new houses around us are selling for 2 mil +. They’re buying old houses for practically nothing and tearing them down and replacing them with mini castles. It’s infuriating and ugly capitalism. Fortunately we won’t be driven out because we can pay our taxes, but many cannot. Sad commentary on and outlook for the “so-called” American dream. Tragic.


Be careful. I challenged mine a few years back and after re-evaluation they bumped it even higher.

No way. And no way was he 60.

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And this reply is worthy:

That would change human history. From early religions, to science, to art, basically everything if our night sky looked like that.

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Remember this is a hyper telescopic view and the stars probably wouldn’t look like this to the naked human eye looking out from the location of the telescope.

This was so satisfying.

Good closing speed, maybe Biff could use him ! :laughing:

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