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I really really really dislike them. I am tired of losing to them. I want to win, but at this point I would be happy just making it a game and offering some resistance. I hate that is how I feel and it makes me hate them even more.

Everybody is gonna have to shoot it better and everybody is going to have to play 40 minutes of disciplined defensive basketball.

If we score more points than they do, we will win.


Clayton, your comments about us also applicable to the Wildcats. Their trio of Gudmundsson, Grady, and Brajkovic - who accounted for a combined 45 ppg last season - only had 13 vs #24 Auburn last Friday in Annapolis.

Picking up the slack were Frampton (18 pts), Collins (18), and redshirt freshman Mike Jones (14).

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Anyone know if the game will be televised anywhere other than UNC Charlotte TV? The link on the schedule takes me to CUSA TV. Will probably just have to break down & pay for a month of that crap. Looks like there may be a few more early season non-conference games on there so I guess it’s not a complete waste.

Unc Charlotte tv is spectrum channel 22 just like the Georgia exhibition

Wish I could get that station. I’m not in the Charlotte area so unfortunately that’s not an option. If I can confirm that it’s definitely on CUSA TV I will most likely just pay for a month subscription.

I’ve thought for a while that the series should play uptown every 3rd season and split the arena down the middle. Really get the town in on it and play it up.

Eventually it could just be a yearly thing, especially if we can find some semblance of quality again.

When I checked over the weekend it should be on CUSA TV.

I miss the days I went into this game expecting us to win. Hopefully those days will return soon.

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Yes, game is on CUSA.tv.


I have three tickets available for this game. If you’re a Charlotte fan and can use them, let me know.

Waking up early for this one! Hopefully the D plays better than they did last game. Also need to not settle for all those threes

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May take those of you still have them

Txt me. Sev o 4 965 4718