Davis and White

Does anyone have any information as to how Jon Davis and Andrien White are doing in the pre-draft camps/workouts? Wish the best for them but also hope they return so they can improve their games under the new coaching staff and also make us a more competitive team.

Haven’t heard anything, but I’m guessing both will be NINERS next year (unless they transfer, which I also think is unlikely). They have to notify the nba in writing by 11:59 PM May 30th of their intention to withdraw from draft consideration.

No way they enter the draft. They’ll be back here, transfer, or over seas.

White has worked out for Hornets, not sure about anywhere else.

No clue on Davis.

Neither one was on the list of NBA combine invitations the last time I checked. That means there is essentially no chance they would be drafted and are not considered to be in the top 75 or so players. They are not listed in the top 100 on ESPN. So NBA draft not going to happen. Doesn’t mean they can’t go pro but I would expect them to be back.

If they found out what their weak points are (defense), and can work on playing better team ball (defense), and listen to the coach when he tells them what to do to win more games (defense), then this has been a valuable experience for them.

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With Goodman, Rothstein, etc tweeting that Andrien White and Jon Elmore (Marshall) have withdrawn, respectively, from the NBA Draft, that leaves Jon Davis as the only C-USA player of the six who declared that hasn’t announced his intentions.

Jon Davis, Charlotte - undecided
Andrien White, Charlotte - withdrawn

C.J. Burks, Marshall - withdrawn
Jon Elmore, Marshall - withdrawn
Adjin Penava, Marshall - signed with agent

Lamonte Bearden, WKU - staying in after announcing intention to sign with agent

it sounds like these guys will be back! would have wished them well but selfishly happy with their decisions.


get your scissors ready everyone.

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Just reading that WKU G Lamonte Bearden did not sign with an agent after all and has decided to return to Bowling Green for his senior season.

With that plus Davis’s decision to withdraw from the NBA Draft as well, Penava ended up being the only C-USA player to go pro.

From Jeff Goodman:

Andrien White transferring per Jeff Goodman

OUCH! This is going to sting.

Wasn’t expecting it right now but overall not surprised. Good luck AW.

Why transfer sit out and then play. He should just go pro in Europe. I don’t think we will miss him that much.

To be honest I’m surprised Andrien lasted 3 years here. I have no doubt his father has been trying to find a P5 with more exposure for him. Andrien’s older brother played for 3 different P5’s. Andrien has been nothing but class here so I wish him well.

His style doesn’t fit at all. Slow laterally, subpar D, can’t create off the dribble. We have plenty of of guards that Sanchez wants to play early. If we lost another and gained a post that would be nice.

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FWIW, White’s departure means we lose our #2 scorer (15 ppg), #3 rebounder (4.8 rpg), and #1 ball thief (1.2 spg) from last season.

Anyway, wish him all the best.

Andrien’s PPG is deceptive. He was either 23 or 0. A 10 PPG guard that shows up every night will be more valuable. However, White is a great kid and has been a good representative of the University. I am sure he will be missed by the team. I bet that Charlotte will be a better team than he plays for in a year. Mark it down.