Daylight Savings Time - an end to the madness?

Personally I agree with this dude. But I’ll take this instead.

That extra hour of sunlight in the middle of the summer is very hard on my grass.

clt says time isn’t real anyway

Chicago said “ Does anybody really know what time it is?”

the Stones said that “Time Waits for No one”.

So, I’m just confused.

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I like my summer evenings as the are. I’d love more later day sunshine in the winter. Going to work in the dark and coming home from work in the dark suck.


Doesn’t matter what time it is, I will still have too much work to do

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I think we should adopt Daylight Shifty Time. Under Daylight Shifty Time we set our watches back one hour each day before work to give ourselves an extra hour of shuteye. We then set our watches ahead one hour in the afternoon in order to give ourselves a head start on our evening plans. Works out even, right?


“Time” is completely man-made. The flowers, trees, grass, animals could give a rip!


Old enough to remember the lie about DST being something farmers wanted.

Please don’t mess this up, if anything should have bipartisan support it’s this. Give me that sunshine.

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Full time DST is lunacy. If you move every day up an hour, it takes away any effect of that temporary extra hour. Just change your work or school hours to make the most of the daylight

I think the idea is to not put your body through the strain of changing twice a year and there have been studies about an increase in traffic accidents & heart attacks, and the like, though honestly, I thought they were tied to the move to DST every year that we all just did.

Again, if I had my druthers, I’d put us back on standard time 365, which is a complete flip flop from my position for the last 20 or so years. But ultimately, just get on one schedule and stay there.

Agree with NA I do

I’m all in favor of DST permanently over Standard. It’s dark when I’m going to work in the morning either way in winter so I’d rather have that hour after I’m off. I’ve seen arguments about kids at the bus stop in the dark if we switch to DST in the winter but that happens now too.

Also, as far as the heart attack concerns with switching time. Standup Maths has a good video that explains that isn’t really a thing. Yes, there are more instances of heart attack immediately after a time change but fewer instances in the week or so after. So it averages out to the same thing. It just triggers them a few days earlier for people who were likely going to have them later in the week.

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I realize my post may have come off like I was suggesting we get less sunlight etc based on Standard vs DST. Of course not… Poorly written by me to suggest that.

But while I used to be like NWA and enjoy the extra hour of daylight in the evenings, I think I have been to one too many sporting events, outdoor concerts, etc which had a 7pm or 8pm start, which is supposed to mean a reprieve from the brutal direct heat of the sun at these events, or just in your backyard. But a 7pm football kickoff around here means the sun will finally go down sometime between the 3rd and 4th quarter. I guess I got to thinking about that again with FC Charlotte, which will have a lot of 7pm kickoffs this season. That start time really isn’t gonna help much as the matches are usually done in 2 hours and the sun won’t go down until the closing minutes…

There’s this moment at night in the summer when outside flips a figurative switch from continuing to bake to finally starting to cool, provided the humidity isn’t already like 99%. I really like that moment. Does it have a name?

clt says lutz supports permanent DST

Late afternoon early evening summer sports don’t bother me as we are now. This is really about making winter just a bit more bearable. Give me that football game in the fall without the sun setting, an extra hour of sun on the ski slopes or just some time in the sun with my kids after work. The dark to dark dynamic with work in the winter is the worst. I would hate winter a bit less.