DEFENSE we've been waiting for

Post game transcript from, Coach Lutz talking about 2nd half rebounding[QUOTE]In the first half, we were even with them. In the second half, I thought we were active in every phase of the game; rebounding, blocking shots, it was just tremendous energy. [COLOR=DarkGreen]Hopefully the light is on for us the rest of the way.[/COLOR] [/QUOTE]

There’s a lot of good stuff in the post game transcript.

[QUOTE]I thought we did a great job with Courtney, who got his first extensive minutes of the year was in the game mainly because he was the best at helping on the ball screen and did it perfectly on Roberts.[/QUOTE]

-9 blocked shots
-Outscored them 41-21 in the 2nd half.
-Held UD to 23% in 2nd half (7 for 30)
-Held them without a FG for 10 minutes of the second half.

Coleman, Williams and Withers were exceptional. Guards were active and Goldwire shut down Roberts in the second half. Nice to see the defensive scheme working and so much energy.

It’s amazing what a little defense will do.

defense always creates easy offense. i’m glad lutz finally realized this. hopefully we’ll be able to continue it.

Is it too much to ask to have that kind of D every game? Or FT shooting percentage of at least 70%? If we had more effort in these 2 areas ALONE we would be #1 in A10 and ranked at this point. SHEEEESH!

Nice to see the defensive effort from the Niners, but without Monty Scott (from game 1), this was a favorable matchup for Charlotte sizewise IMO.

Seeing their 2nd half defensive vs. Dayton was nice but not impressive.

Seeing that “same defensive level of play” vs. Temple will be a significant accomplishment for the green, white and black.

An aside…I always thought the school colors were green, gold & white. Where did black come from? What happened to the gold?

As far as the defense goes, better late than never.

And I agree about the gold, bring it back. Our colors are green, white and GOLD

Gold is not one of our official athletic colors anymore.

Or so the athletic department said a couple of years ago.

[QUOTE=Powerbait;152529]Gold is not one of our official athletic colors anymore.
Someone did not get the memo. Plenty of gold, and no black. :hammer:

As far as the defense goes, better late than never.

We had a game or two earlier in the season where we all thought the defense was back and then it vanished shortly after. Our defense in the 2nd half Saturday was fantastic but I’d like to see this team do it consistently before I get too excited. The next two games will be good tests to see if we carry over from the Dayton game. I’d never take any ACC team lightly, even when they’re down, but I think Wednesday will be the tougher of the two games for us.

at least we got a win at home

Bring back the gold!!! We’re the 49ers. Not the Coal Miners.

Dayton isn’t that good of a team…

[QUOTE=Savio;152536]Dayton isn’t that good of a team…[/QUOTE]

…neither are we.

I agree 100%. Bring back the gold! Get rid of those ugly black unis.

I agree 100%. Bring back the gold! Get rid of those ugly black unis.

what black uniforms?

We wore black on the road a few years ago. It was the first year with And1 and the green uniforms came in with the wrong shade of green. We wore black instead.

Did we play man to man the entire second half or did we mix some zone in there?

we mixed some zone in. i saw at one point in the second half we were in 3-2 zone

I really think letting Williams get the bulk of the minutes down low is the answer. He actually blocks shots and his feet don’t look cemented to the floor like Dump and Nance. He looked solid in the second half…he patrolled down low quite well. I hope he starts against Temple.

...neither are we.

[I]shhhhh…not so loud[/I]