Defensive coordinator & other staff changes

Can anyone confirm that West has been fired?

It’s possible that he may stay on the staff, just not as the DC

He’s an excellent P5 quality position coach but don’t know if we can afford to keep him there. As far as I know the only thing official has been Hunters tweet.

I think that entirely possible.

This is happening.

Kind of awkward to have him still on the staff coaching the defense in a different role, I don’t know how it exactly works in college if a new DC comes in won’t he want his own DL coach, LB coach and secondary coach? Or does he just have to work with what Healy has…?

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He would have input I’m sure but no way DC comes in and cleans house. Would piss off Healys wife on date night losing the girlfriends. I would assume the HC still has full control over coaches.

This could be why we haven’t been able to hire anyone yet. Could definitely turn some candidates away if they can’t have input on who is working under them.

Maybe not. Maybe future DC is told he won’t ever get fired, only demoted. Our position coaches will eventually be ex-DC.

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This is what happens when instead of hiring the best available candidates for a position, you hire all your college buddies from your playing days. It becomes real hard to fire anyone. Absolutely unbelievable that West is still on the staff in any capacity.


I’m tired of Healy dancing around and trying not to offend West. The future of our program is at stake and we need to hire a defensive coordinator immediately for recruiting.


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Is it safe to assume a “Co-Defensive coordinator” gets paid less than a “Defensive Coordinator”? Maybe that’s why there was a money issue for some candidates if that was the issue. And I’d have to assume a “Co-“ setup is not as enticing to most. GTFOOH!

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Co defensive coordinator???

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Let’s look at the bright side, if he sucks he’ll only be here one year. Heck, if he’s great he’ll only be here one year too. He must be a people person. Should fit in great on the coaches dates night. :-1:

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If you need 2, you have none.


Seems like a more experienced guy than Healy usually hires. I think that will help. Not in love with the co-defensive coordinator thing either. I guess there are reasons for it. That is a lot of NFL and P5 experience. I can only pray it is an improvement over last year. The end of the season was downright painful. Hoping for the best.


I bet he hasn’t emptied his suitcase in a while with all the traveling he has done. That is a lot of jobs held.

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