Do you blame Sanchez for losing Brice?

He got $250,000 and a vehicle from Nebraska. How do we compare?

clt asks what kind of car are we talking about?


Gotta be a Lincoln!


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If that’s the case we need to shut things down. We can’t compete and we shouldn’t be asking students to finance this crap.


If this is true, I am tapping out. Totally out of control! Please tell me this is not true. I am certain we are being punked.

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clt says that is one ugly auto

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This guy is an ardent Ron supporter on Twitter, so I’d take anything he says with a grain of salt.


How about starting him and giving him more playtime?



Yes I blame him.


Let’s see, free education, six figures in the bank, new car, higher profile conference, that would make anyone leave.
There are 1,300+ men’s basketball players in the portal. 1,300.
This is not a Ron problem, it is a very broken system problem. The rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer in this system.
The high school athletes are the ones getting screwed. If you aren’t top 50, you know have to wait for the college you like to hit the portal before making offers.

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The only team in the final four heavily involved in NIL was Miami. The rich might be getting poorer because they are wasting their money on NIL.

Yes, Ron can’t control the environment we are in. BUT…

There are a lot of things he can control. We could play an attractive style of ball for one. He could start the player that is capable of scoring 31 two games in a row. He could win a freaking conference tournament game and give hope. He could schedule like we want to be there.

If Brice did get that, did that offer come before he entered the portal at all? If Ron had been a better coach, would the son of our leading scorer who came here to play with charlotte on his uniform have even looked? My gut says no.

There a plenty of coaches winning in this environment. The NCAA and NIT were full of them. We didn’t make the cut.

If it’s not possible to fight this fight then just shut it down. If now is as good as it’s going to get, then why the hell are any of us here.

I’m a Niner fan. I’m not a Ron fan. I didn’t go to the University of Ron at Charlotte.

Nothing personal with any supporters of Ron at all, i just have no excuses left here. The excuses about the environment we are in are the same for all teams, not just Ron.


If he was worth $250k & a car to a Big10 school, & Ron couldn’t figure out he should be starting until 3/4 of the way thru the season, I think he definitely deserves some blame.


Yes it’s Sanchez’s fault. But it’s not my opinion that matters, is 49erForever_Ted’s opinions we are all waiting to adhere to our eternal souls

The portal is going to take and give. Yes, we might lose a few guys to going up a level. But at the same time, you are going to be able to pick up the P5 bounce backs. A better question is why our AD doesn’t support the idea of having an outside collective. We’ll be the only AAC team without one. We aren’t competing with the P5 team. But we do need to be top half among G5 teams. It’s Mike Hills job to have one of our “whales” facilitate a collective. For example, ECU raised 200k+ for their football team last year. Very solid among the G5. Our AD must evolve….

But yes, Ron does get blame for Brice as well. He parked him on the bench to start games half the year.

We hired Ron before NIL and portal. I don’t think he’s a great coach in the current times but would have been really good at building a program if his best players couldn’t leave without sitting out a year. Our best teams in our history wouldn’t have been if the players could leave like this.

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I believe that having the right coach that knows how to use the portal combined with recruiting can give us a better team top to bottom than we have had the last 20 years. We may be weaker at players 1-2 but players 3-9 are better.

I don’t compare us with the $$$ teams, I compare us to our conference peers and other schools when I scan the NET rankings and see much smaller $$ schools being better than us.

Giving up players that you KNOW can perform in exchange for either guys that couldn’t cut it moving down or making a bet lower guys can step up is going to be tough to build a program around. It also robs us of having players that we connect emotionally to. In current environment the players that really made me connect to our program likely don’t stay.

More that anything though with NIL and portal every player is just a hired gun. There is zero love of or care about the school, education options, campus, all of that stuff that used to matter. It made our athletes one of us. They are no longer one of us.


MeanJoeGreen, I am not sure why you have brought my name into your hatred posts for Ron but you only read into things that you want to hear. Regardless, I would like you to again read my last post concerning your favorite topic. My last post concerning this was made on March 29 and is as follows:

“The way things appear, Ron will be here next year. If he doesn’t hit a grand slam homer in bringing in players from the portal, both he and Mike should be terminated next year. However, I believe Mike will be saved because of the Poggi hire.”

I this is not good enough for you and you are always correct. I will go a little farther and as of today, so that you will not have to read my opinions, I will no longer post on this forum in future. Have a good day!

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Sorry. Wrong dude