Duane Moss - 2017 SF - offer

Per Verbal Commits, we’ve offered the 6-6/200 SF from Carolina Forest H.S. in Myrtle Beach. Regular season stats of 19.5 ppg and 7.5 rpg in 2014-15 (1st and 4th respectively among local players). Ranked #3 in class in South Carolina by Big Shots recruiting service. Plays AAU ball with Upward Stars Southeast out of Greenville-Spartanburg, which lists him as a SG on their roster.

BTW, son of ex-Niner Benny Moss, currently associate head coach at Coastal Carolina.

[quote=“Run49er, post:2, topic:29682”]BTW, son of ex-Niner Benny Moss, currently associate head coach at Coastal Carolina.[/quote] Damn. I’m old.

Can’t imagine him playing anywhere other than where Benny is. Not gonna get my hopes up.

[quote=“49er1, post:4, topic:29682”]Can’t imagine him playing anywhere other than where Benny is. Not gonna get my hopes up.[/quote]he’s getting major interest. He may end up at a big time program.

Well, that leaves us out either way!

Well, that leaves us out either way![/quote]

Yes. So are we offering out of respect for alum Benny?

Had a great visit on the campus of Charlotte today.Thanks to coach
Price and the rest of the Charlotte staff for offering me!


then lets become one again.

then lets become one again.[/quote]

Thank you.

then lets become one again.[/quote]

Really? Benny’s not dumb, he’s not gonna have his kid attend Coastal if he gets a ride at Duke.

And with him being a great student (runs in the family- his brother was a freaking genius), it’s not all that far fetched.

The fact that Benny has a relationship with us is good. The fact that he has a relationship with Lutz and Lutz and Judy are no bueno - then it makes it an uphill climb. The fact that we have a really good and honorable guy as a coach makes it a possibility. Basically I am not going to say there is no chance here. We probably have a shot but I wouldn’t bet the house on it.

We definitely have a chance, and I like that we offered him already. I only mentioned the other offers (that are expected to come) because it seemed some on here thought Duane was maybe a low end prospect who might not get other offers as well. From what I have read about him, he is expected to really “blow up” as they say.

then lets become one again.[/quote]

Thank you.[/quote]

youre welcome.

Wow I remember his kids being in the SAC sometimes. They were like little toddlers and could already make shots on a 10’ goal with a mini ball. I am definitely getting old! I had a feeling he would be a baller when he grew up.

clt doesn’t want a player that may blow up.

Think of the children in attendance.

[quote=“cltniners, post:18, topic:29682”]clt doesn’t want a player that may blow up.

Think of the children in attendance.[/quote] Not to worry. He’s gonna blow up in high school. We won’t be asking Clt to travel to SC to clean up the mess.

From Phenomhoopreport.com:


[font=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif][size=2]South Carolina’s 2017 Class is Shaping Up To Be Its Best[/size][/font]
In 2015 the state of South Carolina produced 2 Top 100 players, as Perry Dozier and Tevin Mack staked that claim. In 2016 it is looking like, South Carolina has a shot to do the same, with Seventh Woods a lock, and Jordan Brunner looking to make a run.

Well 2017 is looking to be a loaded class, like the state has not seen in a while. The upstate has Shyheim Scruggs. Columbia area has Devontae Shuler (Pictured Right) and Tariq Simmons. The low country has Vince Cole and Maurice Hardiman. Horry County has Duane Moss, Bryce Schneider, and Jason Cudd. Needless to say all 8 of these kids have a chance to be recruited at the highest level, depending on their progression and growth.

Phenomhoopreport.com: Six Truths We Found Over the Holidays (2-15-2015)

[b]Upset of the Night[/b] Upward Stars SE 16U came into the event as one of the top ranked 16U teams. The NC Court Generals came out unfazed and wound up winning the game. 6’4 Josh Hopkins led the way with 24 points and 6’7 David Funderburg had 10 for the Court Generals.

6’2 Tariq Simmons was the leading scorer for Upward Stars SE with 19 points. 6’6 Duane Moss also had many on the sidelines buzzing with his high IQ play. The great thing about pool play is early losses don’t matter, and everyone still has a chance to win once the bracket play starts.

Phenomhoopreport.com: David Rose Memorial Day Classic - Day 1 Storylines (5-23-2015)

[b]Duane Moss 6’6 Upward Stars SE[/b] [b](Carolina Forest HS SC)[/b] Moss led the Horry County area in scoring this past year, with over 20 points per game as a sophomore. Moss, who’s dad is an assistant coach at Coastal Carolina, is a high IQ wing. He has sneaky athleticism and an ability to finish at multiple levels. In this event, Moss hovered right around 8-10 points in his games. His dad is about 6’9, so there are some expectations of more growth. As Moss continues to gain consistent confidence in himself, watch out.

Phenomhoopreport.com: Breakout Performances 2017 Part 2 (5-27-2015)