Ebuka Izundu - 2015 C - requested release from LOI

Last week we offered 2016 Victory Christian Center Ebuka Izundu.

Sophomore highlights: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O90Re65z_lI

He has reclassed to 2015, Rivals rated him #137 overall in 2016.

Lots of playing time available, especially years 2-4 with Sully, Fred and Thorne being SRs. next year.


[font=comic sans ms][size=small]6'10 Ebuka Izundu [/size][/font]has been listed in the 2016 class, but due to the age eligibility, he will have to “reclass” to the 2015 or attend Prep School in the 2015-16-calendar school year. Izundu is an excellent student and is working to move into the 2015, which will definitely accelerate his recruitment. He has dozens of offers, but Izundu stated Charlotte, Clemson, Virginia Tech, and Wake Forest are early standouts. We have written extensively about the NC Top 80 alum and simply put, Izundu does gets better and better in every viewing. He has a 7’3 wingspan and has a very good feel for the game. He has really “soft” hands and has the ability to put the ball on the floor for 1-2 dribble moves to the rim. The southpaw is left hand dominant. At the open gym, we were impressed with his unselfish play and vocal leadership

Some video highlights:

hey would get early playing time but not have to carry the load early. can you imagine him with clayton and thorne?

Cincinnati offered today.

I really hope we’re putting everything we have into recruiting Izundu. I know Luke Maye is very talented and is considered top 3 in the state, but this kid has the length and athleticism we need in that position. Looks like he has really sound hands too.

Izundu is a very intriguing prospect as you mentioned NLP. Long, athletic and already has some offensive skills out to 15 ft. I wonder if him moving down to 2015 from 2016 will help us in his recruitment.

Had an unofficial visit here today.

we need this kid badly.

I heard that it very well.

I heard that it very well.[/quote]Good to hear, desperately need a big. Maye seems to be a long shot now. Needs to be stressed, izundu isn’t a reach, kid was a top 150 talent in the class of 2016, just reclassed to 2015.

Clueless, I googled and got this pretty ridiculous youtube video.
“I know it’s just a highlight video, but,” the kid looks freakin’ downright awesome, and he was only a sophomore (though maybe we should think of it as his junior year being that he got reclassified, but still).

i think we need him more than we need maye. a good, talented center wih size is hard to get. if we dont get maye, maybe we get jones, which i woud be just as happy with if not more. we need to let this kid know that we need him.

I would take both. They compliment each others’ games. Maye just seem less likely because of his ties to UNC-CH, which might make him consider a preferred walkon/scholarship season in his sophomore year situation.

That said, I think Izundu would be absolutely ideal and he’s exactly what I want in a C, recruiting-wise. Hope he’s top priority.

i dont think maye will go to unc. i think he will go to clemson and if not clemson, then davidson. i think we are probably third. just a guess but i think he wants to go somewhere where he can get pt.

We are losing clayton, thorne and sully all at once. To say we’d lose a PF or C recruit over playtime is crazy. We have to re-load at both positions.

No way is playing time an issue.

what i was saying is that i don’t think he will go to unc because he can pt here, at clemson or davidson.