ECU Athletics operating at a loss

An unexpected infusion of cash from the American Athletic Conference will help offset other losses and keep East Carolina athletics within negative budget projections for the current fiscal year — an expected loss of about $979,000 to bring the department’s running deficit to $3.2 million in June.

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Uh oh. What’s causing this? I thought they had such a huge, rabid, loyal fan base. Or we have been led to believe. OK. Looks like even “loyal” fans won’t support losing and their sucky football team can’t get enough die-hards to come see them. There is a cautionary tale here. Just felt a shiver down my spine.

I guess they don’t have the budget for the athletic equipment storage solution that I was trying to sell them.

clt posted about this days ago

They have been going through an AD and coaching mess of their own.

Imagine that! A collegiate athletic department operating a deficit! :roll_eyes:

They had fewer fans than we did at UAB at one of their night game.
My daughter is a freshman there and told me “no one goes to games. We’re not good”.

Losing screws up everything. Winning solves everything.

[quote=“49er1, post:8, topic:32628”]
Losing screws up everything. Winning solves everything.
[/quote] FBI begs to differ.

Damn. Didn’t know they were in that kind of bad. I was told by a guy who coached there over the past fall/winter in their strength program that their entire AD is in chaos. Coaches have one in foot and one foot out, this was all before AD was fired.
To my knowledge they still have neither an AD nor a bball coach.

They have a bball coach, Joe Dooley, but from what an alum told me, he still doesn’t have any assistants.

At the start of the meeting, Aresco voiced optimism in the Pirates’ recent hire of Joe Dooley from Florida Gulf Coast to take over as the Pirates’ head men’s basketball coach.

“I think that’s a great hire and we think it’s going to mean a resurgence of your program,” Aresco said. “We need basketball to be strong for not only the benefit of your university, but for the conference.”

Exactly what would a resurgence of ECU’s basketball program look like? They are 0-2 all time in the NCAA tournament and were last there 25 years ago. They have never been to the NIT. Maybe Aresco means he believes Dooley can get them back to the CIT? During Dooley’s previous four years with the Pirates his apex was finishing T-3rd in the Colonial Conference. Don’t get me wrong, Dooley has had success at FGCU, but clearly he thinks coaching at ECU is a step up from dominating the Atlantic Sun Conference. I suppose I am on board with Aresco’s plan–let’s get ECU back to where they belong in the college basketball landscape.

Dooley had options, coming back tells you he believes he can win at ECU, and he had winning record despite being hired at the age of 29 on a shoestring budget. ECU is a much better job today and he’s in his coaching prime now after a decade under Bill Self and taking FCGU to NCAA’s/NIT’s. He’s likely a lot better too.

He had poor injury luck and was fired by an AD wanting his own guy after a 13-14 season in which the best player missed a third of the year. The team he returned had enough talent it was picked to go to the NCAA’s the next year by Sports Illustrated, and he had future National Player of the year David West committed when he was fired. Clearly a mistake.

“Joe Dooley putting together big time staff at East Carolina…” Hoopdirt

Nothing official but the best head coach in JUCO’s is one of those rumored.

ECU also hired the former AD of Florida State and Tennessee to deal with the budget mess.

Welcome. When did you graduate from ECU?

Dooley hired one of the top recruiters in the nation, Raphael Chillious. He was the main recruiter on the #1 pick in last years NBA draft (M. Fultz) getting him from Dematha (Md) cross country to Washington.

Washington was top 10 in the nation in NBA talent the last decade while he was there, including 3 one and dones he recruited his last 2 years alone, despite them not even going to the NCAA in the previous 5 years, he was helping pull blue blood type talent in a tough situation.

Chillious was a top prep head coach at South Kent prior. He brought 4 NBA player there in his 5 years. Isiah Thomas, Dion Waiters, and put D. Wright, and A. Blatche straight to the NBA from High school. He also brought IT with him to Washington when he first got that job. Worth the wait on assistants.

clt says ecu and appy are trending down due to location.

Chillious made $300,000 as an assistant last year at UCONN, so either ECU is digging their debt hole deeper as they try to become relevant in basketball, or they are paying Chillious much less and he will be signing a six-month apartment lease in Greenville while he looks for his next spot. Chillious is known to bounce around, and none of his previous stops (UCONN, Washington (twice), Villinova) look like ECU.

One of the reasons it took so long to get Dooley to commit was his demands for more money for assistants, travel, and training table. Chillious made 213k at Washington and he was there 10 years, I think that’s probably the range. Dooley took a little less than what Lebo was making as well and the top assistant last year made at least 160k.

So according to “Hoist the Colors”, the ECU site, Chillious made $300k last year, but you posit that he will make around $213k next year and be happy about is because he gets to work for Joe Dooley rather than Kevin Ollie, Jay Wright, or Lorenzo Romar. And he gets to live in Pitt County rather than Philadelphia, Seattle, or Storrs, Connecticut. Okay.

I’d highly doubt Chillious last for more than 1 season at ECU. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a great get as an assistant, but lets just hoist the flag high enough that it isn’t covering our eyes here.