ECU Baseball Comes to Town March 6th—>8th

Our baseball team completed an impressive sweep of St John’s today to improve to 8-4. This coming weekend the Pirates roll in to raid The Hayes. If you’re a casual baseball fan this would be the perfect time to catch a game, the last time ECU was here it was a great atmosphere.

Look forward to sharing a Cabarrus Cotton (draft :call_me_hand:) at Norm’s Tavern with some of y’all as we protect the house.


It’s going to be a big challenge for the guys. ECU is 8-3 after dropping 2 of 3 in their tournament in Greenville, including a 2-1 loss to a 10-1 Ole Miss squad.

There will be plenty of purple out and about all weekend. Hoping a few of our fans find the time to come take in a game and support the team.


I’ll be out there early Friday to tailgate.

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SRO left for Saturday

For those you inclined to get prepped for the big weekend series:


Rough one tonight, dropped the opener 14-4. Hopefully we got all the bad and they got all the good out of our systems.

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This is an ECU home series. 75% of the Hayes was purple and gold. Tough to sit there and listen to their sh*t all day.

I guess if the AAC is watching this will help our chances, since we will provide more opportunities for ECU fans to see their team play.

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Makes sense. Plenty of ECU grads in Charlotte. No Charlotte grad would ever live in Greenville.

I normally try to stay positive but that was a disappointing turnout from our fan base. If we are who we think we are or want to be at worst that should be a 50-50 crowd split. I know not everyone is a huge baseball fan but the event should have brought more of us out.

We’ve had some great cultural/Niner community showings this year (Bahamas Bowl/App and Clemson road games ) but this wasn’t our finest hour.

Hopefully we can get one tomorrow, going to be tough though ECU is very good.

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Not nearly enough anger.

Baseball is just boring as shit.

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What?!? You don’t want to be bored AND humiliated simultaneously???

EZU 4 Charlotte 1

That’s certainly one opinion.

You think shit is boring? Try going two weeks without one and you will find it very exciting when it happens.


That sucks. Maybe you should get that checked out

I love all things Niners so I want us to do well. I am not a fan of the sport of baseball so I don’t attend many games. I try to make it out to the uptown games though. The one thing I’ll say is if I do go I’m gonna yell and make myself heard and yell. Our fans probably need to just be louder and more involved be it baseball basketball football or soccer