Eddie Basden signs with the Miami Heat!

Eddie! Eddie! Eddie! Eddie! Eddie! Eddie!


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It looks like just a training camp signing. Maybe he can parlay this into at worst a spot on a NBDL squad and be a guy that gets called up. There have been some success stories the past 2 years since the NBA has used the NBDL in the minor league baseball fashion.

It would probably be a paycut compared to the Euro leagues, but sometmes you have to take chances.

Do they even have to sign official contracts for summer league (and does anybody care enough to announce it)? And aren’t the summer leagues over? It sounds more like the deal he signed with Chicago, the Heat will own his rights and he’ll get to take part in training camp with a shot at making the team. It sounds like a huge step from the summer league invite. I could be way off, but this one is sounding more like an undrafted rookie contract than the summer league/camp invite.

That’s awesome!! I needed some good news today.

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But ewwww NBA.com

[QUOTE]University of North Carolina-Charlotte[/QUOTE]

I wonder if Wade had anything to do with this? It’s possible.

Awesome!!! Congrats Eddie!!

Welcome news

Eddie is the MAN! Hope he can pick up his scoring. I always loved his defense and ballhawking skills. I don’t like the NBA, but will become a Heat fan if he plays for them.

Eddie really deserves it, out of our potential pro level players in the last 5 years or so, he is by far the most deserving. Both DeAngelo and Curtis both pissed away their potential at having NBA careers, so it’d be nice to see Eddie get something going.

hope he dunks on beasley:49ers:

I completely forgot about Beasley being on the Heat. If Eddie sticks, we all have to go to the Bobcats/Heat game, this could be all kinds of fun.

hope he dunks on beasley:49ers:
Like... In practice?

Thats my boy EB

All you need is a chance. Lets hope he makes the best of it and makes the roster

One of the all time great Niners.

Not so great in his first pre-season game:


9 minutes 0-1 shooting 1 steal, and 1 assist.

Next game Thursday at 2:00.

Like... In practice?

no in a game…of course practice…

man i dont know who has lower c[FONT=Calibri][SIZE=3]omprehension[/SIZE][/FONT], you or dax.:wacko:

Come on Eddie!!!

The game will be on ESPN/2 and espn360.com