Edward Van Halen and all things guitar 🎸

The late Steve Marriott’s height listed as 5-4 and 5-5. His one time Humble Pie band mate Peter Frampton is 5-8. And the latter still had hair!


Google says Angus was 1 inch shorter than Malcom, who was 5’3”

New EVH 1X10

I saw that today. Dweezil is old now! So am I. He sounds great as always

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This is pretty good so far.

Edward on the first Zoom call in 1982


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We’re done 4 already but now we’re steady….! This is the version I learned years ago. Page gets grief for his lead guitar licks live, but he knocks it out of the park here

This is a very long, but worthwhile and entertaining to listen to for as long as you can.

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