Event: Niner Nights on July 31 and August 1


What do you do at this event? The AD/coaches gives speeches about the teams?

These events are fantastic, the food and booze alone is worth $25.00. The coaches mingle with the crowd for a bit, then Hill and the coaches will do speeches and take questions, and they’ll finish with a raffle for some goodies(NWA always wins) if it’s like it’s been done in the past. The access to all those guys/gals is incredible, one of the things we absolutely do right are these.

Do they still do the one at Childress Vineyards? I haven’t been since the one shortly after Alan Major was hired but it was a good event as I recall.

I’m gonna need to try to make this one.

They did one last year at Childress, and for the first time I can remember it was free! Mike Hill and Cara were there. Hill is an enthusiastic speaker. I thought I was at a revival. They had stopped doing the events at Childress’ for a few years because they had gone up drastically on the price to rent the space. If you rent there, you must also use their caterer. Hopefully they will again have it this year. I love it, it’s less than 10 minutes from our house.

I am going to try to make the Aug 1st one, these are always great events.

I’ll be at the August 1 one.

What kind of event is this?

Hitting up the July 31st event, Legion’s food is clutch and they did a great job on the Southpark space. Plus Concord is a bit far us Gaston County Niners.

I’m locked for he Cabarrus Brewing one.

Hate I am gonna miss this! Beach and rum calls though…

Why do you hate the Niners, @NinerWupAss ?

For years I asked why do they hate me?

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Sounds like the event at Legion is full, I was able to register last night for the one at Cabarrus.

See y’all there.

That’s awesome, Signing Day Event sold out too. We’re already seeing some of the Healy effect.

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Going to need a bigger place for next signing day

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Agree. And with better acoustics.

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