FAU Game Thread


We need to serve them a nice turd burger.

Send lambo out with a win.

Never forget Kiffin’s comments last year.

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We should be practicing and playing with a purpose this week. I hope we can use that energy to lay one on them.

clt asks about tv?

This is the official Watch link, dunno if free.


Schedule shows wccb ih Charlotte

Yes amazingly it does. Thanks for the tip.

clt thanks you

I hope we are winning in paradise this weekend.

Putting this here to save for later: link to game


clt says the observer webpage is a mess


Thanks for the link. Rough start, can’t give up a TD on opening play on the road. Playing catch up from the get go

No sweat ! Tied at 7.

Place looks way bigger than the listed 29k seating capacity

Why exactly do we abandon the run game in the second half down 10-14?

Its 100% setbacks with no bleachers. It would probably be 35k with seats like most college stadiums. They also have a very tall press box/suites.