Fire Ron Sanchez

The regression is bad enough. We’ve managed to become almost unfathomably bad. We’ve lost to historically trash programs at home. But my real problem is the elation I see in our coach after a game. He literally doesn’t seem like he cares about losing at all. He thinks this is a big experiment where he has an infinite amount of time to tweak his game. We are losing because of piss poor offense and all he wants to talk about is defense. He doesn’t have a plan to get us where we need to be. It’s unfortunate that the best hire we’ve made on paper since Bobby is a bust, but he is. It’s time to fire Sanchez. We won’t though since he I under contract until 2026 when the median age of our fan base will be 78.

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I thought his contact ended in 2022?

Stealth AD strikes again.

2026 makes me want to puke.

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I posted this in Hill thread - probably belongs here though.

I’m not ready to call for his head - Sanchez. I do think we could still turn this around with him at the helm.

I just consider the start to this season a red flag. Losing to the teams we have in the way we have is extremely bothersome.

The entire concept of shrinking number of possessions and playing a defensive minded game makes sense but the execution of that means you have to be a proficient offensive team because you aren’t getting as many opportunities. Instead of running some smooth sets designed to get buckets our offense sputters along typically breaking down to just a guy going one on one while everyone stands and watches and then because defense we don’t even crash the boards. We don’t have enough guys that can do that.

The contact extension on top of all this makes zero sense. Especially for the duration. If they felt the need to tack on a year fine, but now we have almost no flexibility.

So all combined, terrible looking offensive sets, terrible road record last year, opening 1-3 vs a soft schedule at home to close and instate rivals, a ridiculously long extension and you get what we have now an aggravated uneasy fanbase.

don’t agree with extension, but still think Sanchez will be very successful here.

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I’m curious what your expectation is for very successful.

This looks like it needs a bump.

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Seriously, do you see this guy making the NCAA tournament in our lifetimes?

Was this mysterios contract extension released or publicized ???
I sure never heard it until a couple weeks ago.
Not that I’m on rhe email list of every move they make, but you think a move like that would have been talked about.

There was no public release as far as I know.

Too much pride! We have an asset that could get us out of this hole. Lutz loves Charlotte. This is his school. We should have brought him back in the same capacity as Nebraska and Iowa State. Pair him with Sanchez and see what happens. I think it would be powerful if he would accept. I still have confidence in Sanchez but we have to change something.


Lutz should have never been fired. I said it then and I say it now. We haven’t has much fun as fans since he has been gone. Damn right!

I disagree, Lutz should have been fired. I would be willing to rehire Lutz just to see that passion on the sidelines.

I want to see the HC act mad/aggravated at his players when they make bone head plays. When you are potty training a puppy, do you scold the puppy right after the accident or the next day? I wanna see passion on the sidelines, not arms crossed leaning against the side board. Last nights loss would have stung a little less if I saw Sanchez having a meltdown on the sidelines.

It was the right move to let Lutz go because we were trending in the wrong direction. Out big problem is that we have continued to move in the wrong direction, and today Lutz’s worst years would be an improvement over where we are. I would kill to get back to mediocre, and I feel like Lutz could do better than that.

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I hear everybody saying that Lutz should’ve been fired but I haven’t heard any good reasons why. How have we trended since then? Have we won as many games Lutz did his last year since then?

Just because lutz replacements were bad (didn’t get us back) doesn’t mean lutz shouldn’t have been fired. Look up the team stats/results. Hindsight is…

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Didn’t Lutz win 18 games during his last year? Have we won that many in any year since? That’s the most important statistic isn’t it? Just wondering. …