Fire Ron Sanchez

I’d agree it means Hill is not firing him. Does it mean I want him as our coach next year? No.


Me neither.

But since he’s not being fired. The main thing to be concerned about is any players transferring out.

If he keeps his team together and lands a couple good transfers that can contribute then next year is do or die for him.

If he loses key players I think we should part ways this summer.

My understanding is we have two scholarships left.

What’s the priority? Obviously 1 big. But should the second be a guard or a forward?

If Jallow and Braswell can play next year along with Brice and Milicic and Rolf surely we are locked on with forwards. So I’m thinking another combo guard to replace Gipson who has been great for us this year.

We need another center to either backup Aly or vice versa. Preferably an athletic big who can guard the other athletic bigs in the AAC.

Agreed. We could really use a banger as a backup big.

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We need a 2G more than anything.

Price was basically hired because of one big donor.


I was about to type that showdawg but for some reason I went with combo guard.

Yes we could really use a shooting guard big time.

Would love to see us land a veteran SG who could put threadgill on the bench.

I’m not anti threadgill. I’m just think we need a SG that can be a scoring threat.

Someone with a deep ball would be ideal.


How do we have 2 scholarships left? Isn’t 13 the limit? We lose 2 and signed 1.

We are still here and we still think Ron sucks

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I don’t know. I’ve just seen more plugged in folks than me posting wr had 2 scholarships left!

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Watching Maryland game, Jim Nantz just said, Jahmir Young when transferring to MD, he told the MD coach he wanted to finish playing in the ncaa tourney. I don’t know his thinking, but seems like one could interpret, he pretty much lost faith in program and coach

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Love to hear the non-haters crow every time we beat a glorified middle school team.
WCU is a #239 team…the only kind that Ron can seem to beat.

This tournament is full of cupcakes…it is right down his alley…it should be re-named the Sanchez Invitational


I am a non hater. It doesn’t mean I am a lover either. I just support the program and root for us to win. I don’t root for us to lose to prove some point. I didn’t like that we played in the CBI but if we are, then win and we did.

Go Niners!


Or the Mike Hill invitational…it is in Florida !

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Love to hear the Haters hate about anything and everything. Win, lose, style of play, coach’s hair style, who we play, it doesn’t seem to matter, it’s always going to be something to hate on.

If anything, you should finally be glad that our OCC strength of schedule is actually higher in this tourney. No 300+ teams, and if the favorites keep winning, then we’d have to face a couple top 100 teams to win it.

It seems that Mike has listened and is setting up a challenge for Ron.


This tourney is a joke, just gotta admit it. We could win it and no one cares. You can’t brag about winning the CBI. It’s pay to play. You kinda can’t even tell anyone you are even participating in it. It’s like when you are meeting up that chick you know your friends would never let you live it down so you take her to the Applebees the next town over. It’s embarrassing. Just don’t tell anyone and hope no one finds out.


The fact that you can call the third rated tournament that we had to buy into where our losing conference record didn’t stop is from being a 3 seed counts as increased competition kinda sums up what a shitty place we are in.

The biggest problem with this tournament is winning a game or the tournament doesn’t mean shit to anyone. I consider myself one of the biggest Niner fans out there and if we win I’ll shrug my shoulders be happy for the kids but sure as hell am not gonna puff out my chest or talk any bit of trash about it.

It’s really just a glorified exhibition not a real post season tournament of note.

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I guess it’s not much different than celebrating going to a bowl game with a 6-6 record.

I won’t be wearing any CBI championship shirts either if we win. Just commenting that the NET rankings on the teams we might play, would be more in line realistically with where we want our OCC schedule to be, with no 300+ teams and hopefully not any below 250.

Unless you think we should only play top 50 teams on the road.

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Except to be invited to play in a bowl you do still
Have to be .500 and one of the top 80 or so teams and you can actually make a profit in a bowl game and it energizes a fanbase and it has recruiting impact. For this BS tournament/exhibition you don’t even have to be one of the top 100 teams because only shit programs reaching for a few more wins agree to pay to play in it. It’s dumb, it won’t rally the fanbase or help recruiting. We are lucky we didn’t lose last night. From here on out I’m going to consider this a post season exhibition not a post season tournament and certainly not anything to be proud of or tout as anything close to an indicator of success. Other than letting the kids do something they love this has next to no impact on our program or fanbase.

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I think you both make fair points. Bowl games are earned and carry benefits for the program, but I don’t really care about bowl games either. They’re largely participation awards. I care more about a conference championship as a fan (because I know we aren’t ever going to realistically have a shot at a national title).

Cibik, you gotta take that big girl and parade her around in front of your friends
and be proud.

Not crazy about the tournament, but i am pulling for us and Winning is better than losing.