Fire Ron Sanchez

Woah dude!! I get hiding the girl, but taking her to Applebees on a date??? What did she do to deserve such disrespect? She’s a nice girl. Don’t do that to her.

You are glorious

It’s just great to be relevant in basketball again. I am just so proud of these kids. So proud.

Or maybe he learned math along the way. I don’t know that he was a P5 recruit coming out of high school. If memory serves, he may not have even been a starter or at best was the 4th option on his team. Say what you will, but Ron & the staff helped him improve and showcase his game enough, that he did have options.

If you’re in a 1 bid league, the odds of you ever getting in the NCAA tourney any year are less than 10%. In the Big 10, Big 12, SEC, Big East and used to be ACC, it’s more like 50%. That’s why, no matter who our coach is, as long as we’re in a 1 bid league, we’ll never get the top recruits and probably never get our best players to stay. Until proven otherwise, without Houston, the AAC may be a 1 bid league most years.

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I agree

That’s the spirit! Now repeat it enough and you may find yourself happier.

Not true, if enough teams don’t qualify, then team with losing records can go to bowl games

Did they cut the nets after the big win? This win was huge for Mike Hill. So proud of Mike Hill and where he has taken our basketball program. Straight to the Daytona CBI. Earnhardt is Daytona country, or something like that. Earnhardt and Mike Hill. Pillars

This is a crap statement. Every team has a best player. Every team has a worst player. Maybe it has something to do with the coach with where they fall…but maybe it has more to do with the talent and work ethic of the player. To make it sound like Ron created Jamir is so twisted it’s not even funny. Jamir made Jamir…he just happened to play for Ron.

If Ron was such a guru in development and was so good that he developed Jamir…can you explain what’s not working with JT? Ron gives him more minutes than anyone…he should be the most developed player on the list next in line to transfer to a P5 right? His development under Ron may be more indicative of Ron’s Development Program than Jamir’s was.

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Young’s exhibition game against Georgia in 2019, he scored 14, 7 rebounds, 3 steals, 3 assists. That was his first game in front of the charlotte fans.

I think the credit goes to Young in getting where he is. We were just lucky to get someone under the radar.

Heck, I think our system is holding Brice back.

Totally agree. Brice is a borderline nba player but not under ron.

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The under .500 is an exception and rare.

But can happen.

Then according to you, Coach K was just a figurehead, since he re recruited a team of NBA players?

TR didn’t say the coach was not relevant to how the team played

Just indicated that he was saying coaching staffs don’t help in player development in any way. Maybe JY’s improvement was on the defensive end.

TR didn’t say that either

Oh ok, just our staff has no impact on player development. Got it.

Didn’t say that either