Fire Ron Sanchez

Nor did I say that Ron created JY.

Ted, you asked what’s the difference between football bowl at .500 and CBI. 1 really simple one, we got paid to go the the bowl game, we paid to play in the CBI plus our expenses. I applaud your patience, I doubt you support this team any more or less than anyone on this board. I have admitted several times, I didn’t want Healy fired, I was in the minority, but I realized a change was best for all parties. I think we have hit that mile marker as well with Basketball. Just my opinion, as all of this stuff is

May be. I just don’t want to drop back to ECU & Tulsa levels again. Also, going anywhere in any sport with a .500 record is silly, but TV has to fill their slots.

To me the CBI/NCAA should allow any teams participating (since we pay an entrance fee), to play any players that haven’t been playing, without burning any eligibility. It would make it more attractive for teams to participate and give players like Rolf and maybe Braswell if he wants to continue playing a chance to enjoy playing with their teammates.

I’m convinced Ted is kin to Sanchez. Only logical explanation

If Healy replaced South Carolina, Georgia St, Maryland, and William and Mary ( and yes I know that WM is an FCS team, but they were ranked ), with all lower level FCS teams, won all of those games relatively convincingly and inflated his win total, going 6-6 and reaching a lower level bowl game, would that be considered progress, he would probably be coaching here next year, but wouldnt we be saying the same things about him that we are saying about Sanchez now, isnt the level of competition more of a measuring stick than win total against inferior teams, maybe we should ask UNC ( quad 1 record 1-9 )

Thanks. I think you are “special” as well :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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We basically are ECU man. They were 16-17, 6-12 in tougher league, 10-6 at home and 2-9 on the road and get this - they won a game in their conference tournament.

Last year they were 15-15, 6-11 in league and lost in first round on AAC and you know what they did? Fired their coach Dooley after his 4th season. That was better than Ron’s 4th season.

If you are afraid of being ECU I got bad news for ya.

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Are we sure ted isnt an ecu or app fan trolling??


I was thinking the same thing… I just couldn’t bring my self to put it in words.


I lean more towards someone in the AD.

A bowl appearance is greater than the CBI, I didn’t see anyone rush the field in the rain when we decided to pay the CBI to give us a chance to play WCU.

I think Hill should keep Ron around solely for the entertainment I get out of this thread….

It’s humorous how some of you get so pissed that anyone would disagree with you and that you think the AD really cares what anyone of us really thinks.



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I get pissed when people get pissed about people getting pissed

Anyone getting pissed about message board post probably need a new hobby…

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I’d ask the same of most of the haters on here.

I think they do actually, or care enough to read it. You wouldn’t follow a message board about people talking crap about you or singing your praises? And by caring I mean, taking the time to read.

Or even worse they’re closet Tarhole fans that love nothing more than to hate on any in state programs.

Fire Sanchez Ted