FIU Home Game 1-25-20 4:00 Tip

Another tiebreaker game as Panthers are also 5-2 after their win over ODU.

Looks like lower bowl is sold out. If any one is selling two lowers, please DM.

But it won’t be anywhere near full. The no shows are disappointing. I love Halton and appreciate having it, but sometimes I miss a very loud, hot, sweaty, packed Mine Shaft.

Arrived at Charlotte as the Mine Shaft was coming out of the ground. Watched every game there (and many practices) til I left the U in 1985. Should have been fired for all the time i spent in the “weight room”.


Looks like we have the home court 3 point favorite spread today. Just like last game. We’d better come out hotter this time. I don’t see us pulling two straight games out of our ass. Even at home.

Yeah! If anyone can’t show up, be happy to purchase their lowers lol. Otherwise we’ll purchase uppers but like being lower. Hopefully it’s a good crowd though. Nice , crisp sunny weather on a Saturday.

We need to save some of these makes for the next one.:smiley:

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Great complete game.

We left with 1 min left and didn’t see Bertram’s 1st career 3. It didn’t happen if I didn’t see it. Did he open the flood gates?

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clt provides talking points

We win

Bertram is on a roll now!

Most complete game we’ve played all year…and if this is what our offense can look like…wow.

Defense played for 40 min too.

Decent crowd…students back in 104…crowd got loud.

Not much you can find to criticize about this one.

And if that shot can get Bertram on a roll…and offense may be finding their stride after our last 2 games…this could be a fun last third of the season.

The program continues to move in the right direction…Dirty Sanchez is getting it done!!

Been a looooooooong time…but I am finally excited about the program…where we are and where we are going!!

Damn it’s been a while since I’ve felt this good about our bball program…feels good.


Left at the final timeout. Two women conversing as I left and one said “That was fun”. Kind of sums up the day.

Imagine what the final would have been with professional refs.

I am not ready to call us the best team in the conference, but I don’t think there is a team we cannot beat. I think I will go ahead and book days off for the conference tournament and see how the next couple of weeks play out.

We whooped that ass


Yeah we actually like beat the shit out of a supposedly decent conference team

Wku??? So far at least.