Football facilities and expansion


clt says that should be a concern.



[quote=“UnclePugsly, post:639, topic:30091”][quote=“Mr. Bojangles, post:638, topic:30091”]Another example of what others in our state are doing.

Go Big or Go Home it seems for ECU.[/quote]

I had to stop watching that video before it ended. I cannot envision Phil or Judy wanting to build something like that. Judy would want that money to be spent on women’s sports.



This is the kind of telling statistic we need everyone to know. THIS is the second most obvious stat next to winning. This needs to be shouted from the rooftops when making our case.



Which side of the stadium should be expanded first the alumi side or the student side? The alumni side would likely be more costly and require demolition of the existing press box. Could we build a new press box on the student side or would sunlight obstruct the view of the announcers/patrons?



The Athletic Department said that the press box building would remain with an expansion, and apparently could become all suites with a new press box above.



All depends on the amount we expand to. If we just add 5k, then just add on the visitors side, but if you go to 30k, then make the bowl even on both sides as much as possible.



I might have a contrarian opinion here, but I don’t think we’re anywhere near ready for expansion.

We can’t fill our stadium as is, why do we need more seats to make it look even more empty? I think a smaller stadium at or close to capacity is a better environment than a bigger one with more empty seats.



The stadium was designed to be expanded without any demolition. The renderings below are from the 40,000 seat plans. I wonder if you could modify these to just do the middle section and hold off on the top section? Also, I would think that any expansion would bring more suites to the stadium. If we are not doing a full 40k build out, will we build the planned upper level press box? Will we retain the press box and modify the visitors side expansion to have suites?

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It’s a valid concern to have and I’m sure there are other people that have the same thoughts. However, in another thread, I mentioned that it is not necessary to sell out every game once we expand. But, we do need to make sure we have the capability to host big games/crowds. Expansion is not an option in my opinion, it is a necessity. Not to dig too deep into the other factors (Recruiting, perception, etc all these are affected by a 15k stadium) but all the teams you guys mentioned in the other thread about wanting to play, will never schedule us in the future if we don’t expand.

Mr Bo: That’s a good question. I’ve always thought we could just expand with the middle portion of the upper deck, but you brought up a good point about the new press box. I’m not really a fan of lopsided stadiums, but I have been to both Maryland and JMU’s stadiums. Big difference capacity wise, but Terps have a huge pressbox/luxury suites on one side and full upper deck on the other. JMU is more realistic in that it’s capacity is ~25k and actually looks pretty big time too. I personally prefer symmetrical stadiums though (everything about CRI area is symmetrical too). Will be interesting what HIlls envisions. Stadium expansion is something this fan base will rally behind for donations I think (if needed). Just need to hear the plan and see some (updated) renderings. Suites are a must too and a huge money maker. The current press-box conversion to suites will not be enough. They will need more in the press-box tower or identical suites on the student side as well. *Forgot to mention Wake Forest’s stadium little over 31k I believe. Absolute beautiful press tower (would actually fit perfectly with the aesthetics of our campus) on one side and large upper decks on the other side.



This is a really bad argument. The stadium size is killing in perception (and thus recruiting). If every school only had seating that they could fill each week, 95% of the stadiums in the country would need to have seats removed. Almost no one sells out every game.



We aren’t going to suck forever. A big reason we haven’t always filled the seats is because of unwatchable football. Our stadium needs 20,000+ seats with games against Duke, Maryland, ECU, and unc-ch on the schedule. Bringing in temporary seats is silly.



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What if we built an upper deck similar to Alabama State?

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Looks good. Stadium holds 26,000+ and they only averaged 7000 per game in 2016.



In 1974, the New York Stars of the World Football League moved to Charlotte in mid-season and sold out Memorial Stadium the rest of the season. In '75, they changed their nickname to Hornets. Their colors were yellow and black. I thought that might be an idealized, renovated Memorial Stadium. The WFL folded in the middle of the '75 season, although the Hornets drew well.



A few have already mentioned it but I’ll say it again for impact. You build your stadium for the big games and to be able to attract those opponents. You don’t have to or need to sell out current stadium to justify added seats.

Now if people were saying we needed 60k yeah that’s crazy talk. 25-30k though? Right where we need to be and big enough for the big games we want to host.

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Liberty is at 25,000.




clt is excited to see the expansion concepts.

Judy built facilities well, clt expects Hill to keep up the #goldstandard



Why is this being discussed again?



Because we have an ambitious AD now.