Football facilities and expansion


clt watches the all 22



Just a reminder that per the architects themsleves, JRS can be expanded to 25k and then 40k. I hope there is some flexibility to make it 30k instead but that’s not what was said in this article.

Upon completion in 2013, the new stadium will boast 15,000 seats. The stadium’s design allows for additions to grow with the program, with expansion to 25,000 and 40,000 seats. Full build-out of 40,000 seats allows for enhanced spectator amenities, premium seating, hospitality, and university functions found in premier stadiums.



25k is plenty. Throw a few thousand seats in end zone as temp seats if we need a bit more on occasion.



One of the main points of expanding is recruit perception. It’s always better to have more than less from their perspective. 25k keeps us in the bottom 15 in stadium capacity. 30,001 seats takes us past the 100th place into the top 100 stadium capacities. 5000 seats buys a lot of recruit perception.



If Hill’s eyes are set on AAC+, 25k ain’t cutting it.

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If the 25k Phase 1 expansion is set in stone then we can pull an NC State and bring in semi-permanent temp seats around the bowl. Not ascetically pleasing and might be hard to sell, but at least it’s better than 25k.



I would rather build north of 30k and be set for a very long time, than to under-build and wait a VERY long time for a second round of expansion. We will outgrow anything less than 30k sooner rather than later. You don’t have to sellout every game…you expand to have the capability of hosting the big games.



If you have to you give deck tickets away to put asses in seats. You make it work.



I would rather size it for 40k, but have only 25K to 30k because of premium seating changes around the lower bowl.



I was told that the old plans are outdated since the need for some sky boxes are needed since the original drawings/plans were completed. I am in favor of going north of 30k instead of two different building phases. I think we can host most games with 32-35k even if we move to the AAC



Assume you mean luxury boxes? If so then they were also part of the original plans.



Yes, a few boxes were in the original plans but there are many ways to add premium seats. Loge type boxes with premium amenities (look at the app state end zone project) help drive larger sales and different experiences. I can see my family buying four of those as a premium when we would never buy a box. Having multiple premium experiences is on the list and drives revenue.



Was mentioning the other day how much I liked the rather simple Loge Boxes at Houston’s stadium:

Includes a TV monitor (on the table), roof (! with fan would be even better, but the shade alone is a perk), speakers, and a small standing bar behind the four chairs.

These are pretty pricey though @ Houston. $10k initial contribution and $4,000/yr ($1,000/seat). But looks like a fun way for a family or group of friends to watch a game together.

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Got a nice tidbit of information today. We have recently received a donation that “will pay for stadium upper decks”. Have to assume they meant it would pay for a large portion of it, not all…but I didn’t ask for specifics.



I hope this is accurate and also happy to see decks and not deck.



Obviously, I cant confirm it , but I have no reason to doubt it either. He just came out with it, un prompted.



What is the source of this information about upper decks for football



Would rather not post it on here, but I believe it to be a reliable source(ie: someone who would know).



clt speculates that we go to 40k



Sounds like they got my donation :sunglasses:

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