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RacerDeac is what we are up against and need to change.

That is a tough thread. I know we are just a start up program in football but to think there will be no success in a school predicted to be the largest in the state in the next 10-15 years.

He knows just enough to have a sports trivia smackdown with a WFNZ employee. Wake wins one ACC Football Championship, which is the equivalent of winning the CUSA Football Championship, and all of a sudden they think their s*** don’t stink? They are just now putting asses in their 30,000 seat stadium for the first time since they built it, which I guess makes them better than Duke? Some folks in this state, App, Wake, NC State, Chapel Hill and ECU; have no f***ing clue what real football is. When Ohio State, Florida and Texas fans look at Wake and Charlotte they see no difference. WAKE the f*** up snobs, you ain’t s***!

clt says this belongs in the name confusion log.

and oh btw there is no talent pool for Charlotte. We just have the #5 ranked football high school in the country in Butler…and who the hell is Independence?

clt says that he nealry fell out of the zep when someone wrote " wake is a national school"

This is a classic example of why I f***ing hate damn halfass fans of Charlotte…and another team. f*** that team your ignorant redneck relatives pulled for because they found the shirts at Walmart’s discount racks! Every fan of an “ESTABLISHED” school thinks you’re a f***ing idiot because they think you couldn’t get into their precious squkeul! s*** or get off the pot! Either you are a 49er fan ONLY or you’re a complete self-hating joke of a douche. That is all.

Don’t listen to that crap…no one will give us the chance because they are scared of what potential we have…our location and on going development will make us a soon to be hotbed of N.C. for B-Ball and Football… GO NINERS!

What a bunch of cunts

Meh, talk is cheap. Didn’t we beat them in basketball about 3 years ago? Oh yea, last year: National Powerhouse Wake Forest soccer 1 Commuter School UNCC 3. But hey, there’s no reason they should ever consider scheduling us in any sport. Right.

Their football team was a joke since the earth cooled, then Grobe came around and they won an ACC title (which right there with bragging about geting a BJ at a family reunion). I yawn at Wake.

The fact that they are responding so vehemently actually suggests that they feel threatened. I find it silly and have actually thought before that maybe Wake and Charlotte would be a good rivalry. Nobody in the ACC really cares about Wake, there’s a reason they are called the Swiss.

The most important thing to emphasis is our huge potential. We are the fastest growing school in the state, will be the largest school soon, are in a very desireable location, are in the biggest city in the state with the best highschool football teams in the state, we have been ranked by US News and World Report as one of the top 10 up and coming universities in the nation, our auto engineering and architecture schools are top 5 in the nation, we have the potential for a huge tv market. Upswing, upswing, upswing. Furthermore, it has been done before by South Florida, in a state whose college football scene is far superior to that of our state.

Charlotte is the state university of the future, and we have huge athletic potential. It’s asinine to ignore this.

Guys don’t worry about Weak. They have the same mentality as UNC-CH that their degree is better than it is (with a good deal less to back it up than UNC-CH). Couple this “we think we’re better than we are” mentality with the fact that nobody else gives them recognition (unlike UNC-CH) and they get nasty. Combine this with their, at best, sporadic success in most revenue sports and they can get violent. (Let’s be honest, they too have a final four but its roughly 15 years older than ours- 1962 I think. They also have only had one football coach since 1950 who’s win percentage has been above .500, Jim Grobe at 59-51 with a .536 percentage. The other coaches since 1950 have combined to go 179-344-11 for a win percentage of.335; they’ve gone to 9 bowl games in their 121 year program history and won the first of their two ACC championships in 1970 with a record of 6-5)

Weak Forest is really a joke most of the time and a contender once every 100 years, though I did like Tim Duncan and Skip Prosser.

Lol I enjoyed reading that board…I love this state, so much trash talk constantly lol we don’t really have that back in Ga but we also don’t have like 20 D1 schools…anyway that was off topic, we are gonna take heat constantly until we win games and actually play in conference…Im just glad we finally have a reason to take heat!

So true. I see a lot of this from App fans as well. If they weren’t getting their panties in a wad about us, it would mean they didn’t think we are a legitimate threat.

I’m honestly surprised to get this much heat from… Wake Forest of all teams. I was always under the impression that their fanbase was rather educated due to the academic reputation of their university, and due to their lack of wal-mart fans. I’m still trying to figure out what all the venom is for. The only logical reason is that they feel threatened and are trying to “put us back in our place” so to speak so that they have less competition. With that being said, however, that doesn’t make much sense to me.

First of all, none of us are saying that we are going to win 3 FCS titles in our first 4 years and then get invited to a major BCS conference. We recognize that we are probably going to suck at first, and that’s ok because we are rabid about finally having football, and we are excited because we know that this University and this program has enormous potential for the future. UNC Charlotte has been rated as a top 10 Up and Coming University by US News and World Report, and within 10 years we will be, by far, the largest university in the state.

As for the argument about this being a poor time to start football I disagree. We do not start playing football for 3 more years. It is highly unlikely that the economy will be this bad in 3 years. Furthermore, the students wanted it. We had more students marching on campus and participating in pro football rallies than Wake has in their entire student body. More students voted yes on football than have ever voted on anything at any school in the entire state.

Things at Wake might be stagnant but Charlotte is a school that is on the rise and an athletic program that is on the rise. Things will not remain in stasis. We were told that we would never get football. They were wrong. We will prove them wrong again when we take our program to the FBS level. And if those tie dyed fags ever get the balls to play us in basketball again we’d gladly welcome them back to Bobcats Arena to kick their asses all over again.

This is not true…they have Wal Mart fans. Including my family. Just because someone gave them free tickets to a game the season they were good…now all of a sudden they are huge fans… :bangheadonwall:

My blood began to boil reading their stupid posts on their forum…

Does this map not show you why Wake has a problem with us?

We’re over 4 times their size, have a larger alumni base, in a much bigger market (people and TV) and we’re the only University that could really compete with their sports dollars in western North Carolina outside of the Heels and Wolfpack. If we go FBS we are a MAJOR issue for Wake, just like we’re a concern for App now, but on a much bigger scale because App has more students and state funds.

[quote=“49RFootballNow, post:19, topic:23802”]Does this map not show you why Wake has a problem with us?