Gardner-Webb @ Charlotte 11/14 - cancelled

So, game still on? I know it’s still early enough to cancel , but I’m so antsy to see us play.

If we make it past Noon without an announcement I think we play.

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I too question why we are playing this game and paying money in the current environment. With that said football teams play football games and we haven’t played many. As a Niner fan glad we are trying to keep playing, as a donor I question why we need this game.

I don’t question it. This team wants to play in a bowl and "W"s are the only sure fire way to get there. I also doubt they could have easily shifted money for game guarantees over to payroll.


What’s the guarantee figure for this game?

I can’t imagine it’s much. I’d think GW is going to treat this like a spring game, with FCS competition happening for them in the Spring.

We need to spank this team by at least 4 touchdowns. Won’t look good if we squeak out a small win against a FCS team.

Depending on what we are missing for contact tracing I’d temper those expectations. We have no idea what team we are bringing to the field on Saturday.

Normal said 120k but I don’t know if that’s accurate, haven’t seen anywhere else. I’m not doubting just haven’t seen it confirmed.

Too we may make more than 120k if host a G5 with normal crowds so it could make financial sense to pay a FCS in this instance.

I expect to roll these guys. At some point we have to raise our standards, and right now those should be that we pound any but the most elite FCS teams. A bonus would be if we got a chance to see the younger guys get some significant snaps.

I agree with this but, it’s also dependent on how many guys we actually play.

If we’re missing our entire DT group, it might be a tougher challenge.

It would take a Georgia Southern/Campbell type shortage of players to put this game in doubt, or should anyway. Still got my fingers crossed we get to see some football tomorrow.

@Gray2 how you doing buddy?

Game cancelled

Why are these announcements always on late Thursday or Friday afternoon? Don’t you have an idea earlier in the week if you are going to cancel?


Get tests back on Friday. Looks like it’s from their end not ours.


It’s okay, I bet the over on Number of Games cancelled this year and it looks like I am going to get paid! :laughing:

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