Gear sale reflections

  1. nobody can ever tell me again there isn’t demand for our product. I just saw a number damn near 1000 in the August heat in line for our gear. And we’ve sucked donkey eggs. Imagine when we are good.

  2. our AD doesn’t order much extra gear

  3. EVERYBODY in line near me was discussing their issues with Barnes and noble. The chief ones are a) the gear is priced so weirdly. Sometimes it’s too cheap in there, and usually it’s marked way up b) Barnes and noble gear isn’t close to authentic c) whoever designed the t shirts and whatnot in B and N isn’t great at their job.

  4. id call the event a smashing success. They made sure the first 100 or so people in line were season ticket holders. Beyond that, it was waaaay after 4 pm. I thought it was a great event.

  5. our fans want general sideline gear. I appreciated the Healy hoodies, but most people aren’t begging to spend 125 on any clothing item. I don’t see too many Alabama and UNC fans walking around in that stuff. We want the Same as what panther fans, app fans, ecu, UNC really any fans want. We have made sideline gear far too scarce in the past. I know the way our AD operates, it’s hard to get the gear, but we MUST find a way to bridge that gap. It’s costing us revenue every day until we figure it out.


Just like when we brought 4000 people to a friggin soccer game, you get the sense that this fan base is ready to explode


clt says we had a roar last night when our FB team was announced at bofa


Next year, or next time, they need to have it indoors and arrange it a little better. But overall it was a good event.


The Nuggets got five pairs of shorts, and three jerseys. $75. Decent haul. Highlight of the day was when the guy came by handing out cold water bottles. Here are my three basketball shorts.

Went to the bookstore afterwards and got a sweatshirt and a hat–about $85.


I got there right at 3 and was third in line. What all did everyone walk away with? I got three football jerseys, a baseball jersey, a soccer jersey, a basketball jersey, a batting helmet and basketball shorts. $100 for all that is a steal! Thanks to whoever in the AD headed this up.


4 FB jerseys, 2 MBB shorts, 2 VB jerseys (short and long sleeve), 1 VB warmup jacket.

The VB team signed the short sleeve jersey for my daughter. I got the 13 (for first year of football) to be framed.

I thought it was the jersey Eddie Basden would have worn had we had football when he was here.

Between the wife and I, we got 2 football jerseys, a basketball jersey, 3 shorts, and a long sleeve pullover thing. Just realized I was charged $95 but it should have been $85. No big deal, I’m still happy with that price.

Went to the bookstore after and got 2 hats and a t shirt for $72. Surplus sale was such a better deal.

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I got there at 3:45 and decided not to wait in the line. I took a lot of joy though from the demand the sale generated. Fan Fest exceeded expectations this year.

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I talked to one of the Sr AD staff and he told me they did not expect this crowd. When you have never done it before all you can do is guess. Nice to see Healy and Hill stop by.


I would also like to add that several hours later, not one item from the sale is on eBay. That means there is actual demand, and not just people trying to make a buck. Similar sales at larger schools are eBay festivals. The demand is real.

I completely agree. I bailed too after seeing the line, but the thought of all those folks in niner gear (especially the new students with their parents) made my day.


There were honestly more people at fan fest today than attended several mark price era basketball games.

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So they had at least 8 years of basketball gear and 5 years of football. I guess that to have a sale of this size, it’s a once every 5 years deal or so.

I ended up with a soccer jersey for the wife, a white football jersey with gold letters (95 for graduation year), Braswell basketball jersey and an unnumbered white basketball jersey. Overall I thought it was a solid event.

Next time this should be done inside and more of a store set up to make this move faster. I also think they needed some sort of a limit - either number of things like one jersey per sport or dollar figure or something. Lots of folks wanted this gear and some got left out.

Awesome to see coaches there mingling and of course Hill and Fuller being seen. No way this happens with Judy. Kudos to Hill and company.


I agree. Every time we’ve asked for this they’ve told us there isn’t much surplus, and there wasn’t. I saw stuff in there dating back well over 10 years. I’m sure they had no clue what to expect, and there wasn’t nearly enough supply for the demand.

I think the theme here that was exposed is that our fan base is desperate for quality, affordable gear. I think this gives them quite a few talking points the next time they meet with the bookstore staff.

And Sanchez games?

If anyone is looking for one of the Gold BBall jerseys, I would be interested in possibly trading items for it.