Georgia Home Exhibition Game 10-25-19 7:00 Tip

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clt says we need a “where is wade?” Chant

Not gonna lie. That poster’s pretty rad.

Bought tickets yesterday and I was at number 590. Does that mean we’ve sold roughly 600 tickets?

Yeah, I mentioned it to a friend of mine that is an associate dean. He didn’t know there was a game with UGA Friday.

Then they’re willfully disconnected from campus communications. There have been faculty/staff emails and an article on about it. Short of knocking on their office door, not sure what more could be done.


We might be seeing the #1 pick in the 2020 Draft tonight at Halton. Anthony Edwards.

OK. Hope he loses.

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first 2k fans get a t shirt. Hard to believe 2k fans will come

Is the any way to stream this game? says it will be on UNC Charlotte TV

clt says ripip goose. Gone too soon.

Possibly here

Good link for the favorites

Spectrum ch22 says “athletics replay”. Normally for live events iirc it has the event name. Anyone have a contact to confirm?

Looks like it’s a replay of a women’s soccer game. radio it is

Entertaining game so far… started down 6-19… went on 15-0 run… and now 37-33 at half.

Scrappy looking team on defense. Team is taller and bigger in general. UGA has some big guys.

That was one of the best I have seen a Niner team play in a half in a long time. They are much better and Younger and one other starter from last year are not playing

Guess we’ll know a little more about this team opposed to beating a dIII team by 50.