Get Spicy (Free Chick-fil-A)

 [i]Make your reservation for an EXCLUSIVE premiere tasting of the [b]Spicy Chicken Sandwich[/b]. From [b]May 31 - June 5[/b], Chick-fil-A is giving a limited number of FREE Spicy Chicken Sandwiches to customers who make a reservation. To make your reservation, visit this website ([/i][url=][i][/i][/url][i]) beginning [b]Monday, May 24[/b] and choose your preferred Chick-fil-A Restaurant location and time.[/i]

The Spicy Chicken Sandwich will be added to the menu on June 7.

I’m all over this. No more having to dump Texas Pete on a regular sandwich… Hopin its as good as Wendy’s. And they serve Coke Zero.


today is the day

clt has had this sandwich. you will not be disappointed.

May I ask how?

i’m sure they had some “beta” markets to test it. I think Jacksonville, FL has had it for a while.

Reserved mine for Tuesday, right before my flight to Louisville for the AP exam grading. Hopefully the spiciness doesn’t give me gas on the plane.

[quote=“moss2k, post:6, topic:23304”]i’m sure they had some “beta” markets to test it. I think Jacksonville, FL has had it for a while.[/quote]They did have test markets. My brother told me a couple of months ago he saw it while he was traveling on business. I think he was in Houston, but I’m not certain.

very good.

if i go back i would go with the regular, its just too hard to beat, but would change it up from time to time.

Had it today and it was delicious…Also heads up, I’m in the kernersville area and there is nothing left around me, but there are still over 700 coupons left in the concord area for any broke hungry students (or alumni) out there. Plus the free upgrade to tomato, lettuce and pepperjack cheese…mmmmmmmm. :smiley:

I didnt have mine with Pepperjack… I think it would be rather good with that.

It tastes like they tried to copy Wendy’s, only with their chicken. It’s pretty solid though still a copycat.

Tried it yesterday up here in Winston-Salem, found it delicious.

We had ours with pepper jack cheese, though we each ended up taking off half the cheese for comparison purposes.

She had hers with pickles, said she would’ve probably preferred no pickle on the spicy version, but still have it on the original.

I would probably still opt for the original, but I would love to try this on their biscuit. Spicy chicken biscuit in the morning? Talk about a hangover cure.


Had it with pepper jack, ketchup and mayonnaise. It was pretty good, but I think next time I’ll leave off the cheese.

I had mine yesterday. I went with the original - just pickles and a bun and then added a little mayo. It was great - I will be back for another when it is officially on the menu!

Tried it. Cheese doesn’t work with it. I am just not a cheese and chicken person.

Over all, typical Chick Fila, very juicy and tender. The batter was good.

But overall, I like Wendy’s and Bojangles better. I still enjoy Chickfila original with Texas Pete better.

I agree, the sandwich was pretty good. But when I want a spicy chicken I’ll be heading to Wendy’s.

I didn’t get a Free one.
When is it for sale. I’d probably prefer Wendy’s, but we do have a Chic-Fil-A at work, so I’d like to try it with the pepperjack when it comes out.

I didn’t like it as much as Wendy’s but it will probably be my new selection at CFA over the original. It was hotter than I expected and the cheese is definitely not working for me. Just lettuce and mayo.

CFA needs an option like this but I won’t go there anymore than I do now (maybe once a month if that) to get it. Wendy’s version is just too damn good for me to jump ship.

It was alright. Way hotter than I expected. I like the original more.