Give to the 49er Club//Buy Season tickets

Hey everyone. I know that Covid has been a unique challenge to all of our lives. That said, I felt we could all use a friendly reminder here. We all love the 49ers or we wouldn’t be reading this website. The best way to support the niners during this time is to give a little bit to the 49er club, or purchase season tickets, or both. I don’t know what the fall is going to hold, but Lord knows we need more tickets sold anyway, and every little bit can go a long way to keeping our athletic programs on track.

Thanks for your time.


Done done and DONE. DUES paid. Parking paid. Let’s roll!

Good post!!

I’m assuming that if you buy tickets now and games are not played this fall, you can either get a credit towards next seasons tickets or a refund. That was the policy with baseball season tickets once the season was canceled this spring. So go ahead and get your season tickets and help our Athletic Department stay ahead.

You can get a credit towards next season, a refund, or let them shift it to a donation toward your annual giving.


If a couple of west coast guys ( @Chisox17) can donate to the 49er club and buy season tickets, you local folks need to step up your game.


Great post, Clayton. This has always been the case. There will be plenty of people ready to jump on when times are good. We continue to need people willing to help build.


Did this all last week.

Awesome, that’s what I figured. Season tickets already purchased.

I would still renew my tix even if I was living in the depths of the Amazon jungle. :call_me_hand:


I just became a season ticket holder and 49er Club member for only $129!

And by just, I mean literally 10 minutes ago


Awesome, Grace! Welcome to the board, and welcome to the Club!

Big time! Where did you get seats at?

Ima sorry ina’vance der ma’am, you see, not many of your type around here parts.

2nd row, section 112, seat 11 i think

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Thanks! I was on here back in like 2017, but it has been awhile

Good choice! You’re right near a bunch of us.

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As one of a very few members of the board that has experienced multiple games on both sides of the stadium, you will enjoy the alumni side much more, I promise. welcome to the old folks home.


Sometimes I even sit down and enjoy my chair back. It’s a weird experience.

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I just enjoy the shade in september. absolutely the biggest perk

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That is not what I want to do lol. I’ll probably go back and forth like Derek

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