Good Luck on MLS Player Combine Charles and James !

[b]2012 adidas MLS Player Combine List by Position[/b] [b]GOALKEEPERS (4):[/b] Brian Rowe (UCLA); Chris Blais (University of South Florida); Jhojan Obando (Providence); Ryan Meara (Fordham); [b]DEFENDERS (16):[/b] Aaron Maund (Notre Dame); Andrew Duran (Creighton); Aubrey Perry (University of South Florida); Austin Berry (Louisville); [b]Charles Rodriguez (UNC Charlotte)[/b]; Chris Estridge (Indiana); Diogo de Almeida (SMU); Hunter Jumper (Virginia); James Kiffe (UC Santa Barbara); Justin Chavez (Tulsa); Matt Hedges (UNC); Mykell Bates (Santa Clara University); Nick Blake (UConn); Pat Sigler (Cal Poly San Luis Obispo); Shawn Singh (UCLA); Tommy Meyer (Indiana); [b]MIDFIELDERS (19):[/b] Alec Purdie (Indiana); Andy Rose (UCLA); Arthur Ivo (SMU); Brendan King (Notre Dame); Calum Mallace (Marquette); Christian Barreiro (UPenn); Eder Arreola (UCLA); Greg Jordan (Creighton); Kenney Walker (Louisville); Kevan George (UCF); Kirk Urso (UNC); Lance Rozenboom (New Mexico); Luis Silva (UC Santa Barbara); Michael Green (New Mexico); Miguel Ibarra (UC Irvine); Nick DeLeon (Louisville); Rafael Garcia (Cal State Northridge); Tony Walls (University of Wisconsin-Green Bay); Warren Creavalle (UCF) [b]FORWARDS (13):[/b] Antoine Hoppenot (Princeton); Billy Schuler (UNC); Brian Ownby (Virginia); Bryan Gaul (Bradley); Casey Townsend (Maryland); Colin Rolfe (Louisville); Ethan Finlay (Creighton); [b]Evan James (UNC Charlotte)[/b];Evans Frimpong (Delaware); Karo Okiomah (High Point); Luckymore Mkosana (Dartmouth); Luke Holmes (Akron); Tony Cascio (UConn).

[b]Evan James, forward, Charlotte[/b] James could be the darkhorse of this draft class. He played at a number of positions at the combine, including forward, outside midfielder and fullback, and showed fairly well at each of them. He scored two goals and had an assist in his three games.

Congrats and Good Luck! You’ll be missed next year.

[font=times new roman][size=5]Evan James MLS draft stock on the rise[/size][/font]

Last day to impress coaches at MLS Combine

Article Written By Joe Mauceri, ESNN


Who had a good game (or played better than I expected)?

[ul][li]Evan James (Charlotte) - opened the scoring with another nifty goal, moving left to right and curling the ball into the corner. Later in the half, he added an assist. In a more subtle observation, he doesn’t understand where to touch the ball into space - perhaps playing too cautious. He has had a successful combine. My opinion is not going to be swayed based upon a 3 day combine after watching him play many, many more times over his career.[/li][/ul]

Who was adequate?

[ul][li]Charles Rodriguez (Charlotte) - was assertive at center back in the first half and he was able to get forward tallying a second assist on the third goal.[/l][/l]

[b][font=comic sans ms][size=5][i]Good Luck Guys ! ! !


Even though they did not get drafted I think both guys should have pretty good chances to make an MLS roster somewhere down the line.

Especially Evan, since he’ll help one of the Canada teams meet their domestic players guidelines. Would love to see him suit up for TFC.

Especially Evan, since he’ll help one of the Canada teams meet their domestic players guidelines. Would love to see him suit up for TFC.[/quote]

I would be happy if he suits up for either Vancouver Whitecaps or Houston Dynamo.

IMHO Colorado Rapids or D.C United could use C. Rod., too.

Both will be good additions to any roster.

Montreal Impact take Evan James with 1st pick in the Supplemental Draft.


Congrats! Evan.

Nice call on DC United and Rodriguez Niner89 they took him with their 3rd round pick in the supplemental draft.

DC United is not what any MLS fan would label as strong in the “Department of Defense”. I know C Rod will be a star there. The coolest thing is I get to check the team out with a big improvement when I visit home. Congrats! Charles.

We have two in the pro. I think it’s safe to say that we are a Soccer School. ;D

[b]The[/b] [b]two top players[/b] from the NCAA College Cup runner-up, [b]UNC-Charlotte[/b], are still available: [b]Evan James[/b] is a forward/winger from Canada who has been inconsistent but shows a lot of skill, and [b]Charles Rodriguez[/b] is a center back from Tennessee who needs to work on his ball skills but was an All-American in 2011.

What’s with the hyphen? But it’s good because Niners are making the news.

[size=3][font=calibri]How did the Washington Post write about Evan James last night which his future team will be the Montréal Impact. Did “The disturber” drop the ball again? Oops! I forgot they are only responsible for covering the Pacific islands which happened to locate in Chapel Hole. ;D [/font][/size]

Mississauga’s Evan James first pick in MLS supplemental draft

I grew up close to Mississauga. A lot of family out there.

I have family in the Mississauga area too!

I have family in the Mississauga area too![/quote]


Also, I think Job grew up around Mississauga too.