Grady Davis Article by The First 49

Nicely done, Fick.

If Grady Davis comes forward I will purchase him a case of bud light. I also think we should let him do the speech at the Normbulance for the App game. Anybody with seats near Judy, if we could get those too… that would be amazing.

Outstanding work. There are a lot of little details revealed about the way the people in our athletics department, and Dubois, think in those emails, and it’s becoming evident that they will not go down without a serious fight.

That was awesome.

Wow. Shared it with a UVA friend who was simply amazed.

isnt it grand? A silo of non alum wrecking our university sports to shreds. Please explain how this is fruitful or prosperous to uncc, and infuriating thousands with a degree.

Great work! The insight into the way Dubois and #firejudyrose thinks was as profound as it was frightening. I am more convinced than ever we have no hope with her at the helm, and would love to see more investigations of this type to highlight the utter incompetence and delusional thinking in our athletic department.

Cult of incompetence

clt says Judy is taking a measured approach to social media.

Great job on the article!

Really enjoyed reading this. Thanks for putting this together.

Really shines a light on how out of touch our entire AD is. I dont have hate towards anyone working in our AD. I feel bad to see a glimpse of how things are handled “behind the curtain.”

As a person that works in management, donates to our university including the AD and teaches leadership courses…I find these emails INCREDIBLY disturbing. Thanks for the insight/article into this shit show.

If Judy had any pride or “love” for this university she’d honorably resign…and history will treat her reign as it will. If this story went national with real coverage of how far our athletic dept. has sunk…she’d be fired…or allowed to resign.

Fick… Tell me that you made sure that someone at SI or ESPN has seen your article.

This is crazy, funny, creepy, and sad all rolled into one. Very telling about how the AD knows we are pissed, and how they view things. I would love to be a fly on the wall.

Great job Fick. #firejudyrose

clt says connect the dots…

Well done sir. I assumed that you have sent this research to Mr. Scott et. al.

Hope the BoT sees this

Happy holidays!

Below is a very troubling, and may I ad, sober analysis of the fake email that you circulated at UNCC. Clearly you didn’t understand the complexities of Grady Davis’s email that we all quite easily spotted as fraud, to be sure. Some free career advice Phil, you should make sure supporting emails are real before you CC your board and media. Are you aware what happens in the private sector if you did this?

So make a stiff appletini and enjoy a Great holiday read:

All your many condescending emails have created an online army of professional alumni, doctors, lawyers, bankers, educators, engineers, entrepreneurs, and execs like myself that are going to keep the FOIA requests coming. I thank you for galvanizing us (the only sincere thing I’ve said)! We also will continue social media trends and hashtags that have now gone over (verified) 1,000,000 impressions in 30 days on one platform alone. How is that good for UNCC brand, business, and legacy? The past 30 days are only the beginning. We want change and our program back to respectability on and OFF the field.

Tim Collie
(Not a fake alum)