Gregg Marshall investigation etc @ Wichita State

What if Wichita State basketball falls off? Does the AAC keep them considering they don’t have football?

This isn’t surprising. I had always thought there have to be underlying reasons why he never landed a P5 job.

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Reached for comment Bobby Knight said, “Holy shit!”.

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Honestly he needs to seek help. Some huge underlying issue here. Maybe alcohol.

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I bet he apologizes

I wrote this on the football board a few weeks back

The day of the coach in the shirts and whistle abusing and demoralizing players has ended.

Coaches like Healy is where this is going.


Marshall shocked the few people present at a secret scrimmage about 15 years ago with the way he berated his team.

The AAC needs another football program in the long term, but they can’t kick WSU out for not having football. They knew they were pigskinless when they admitted them. There’s Liberty and JMU. They might accept an all sports bid to join the AAC. Maybe football only in Liberty’s case.

Wow! We are living in an age in which hubris is commonplace, so shouldn’t be surprised by that statement.

Anyway, Pat Forde chimes in:

An addendum from Goodman:

Plus perspectives from Gary Parrish of CBS Sports and Pete Thamel of Yahoo Sports:

He’s done

No way does either Liberty or JMU make that kinda jump.

Wouldn’t think AAC would be ready to trade Bully U for Pool Boy U. Hmm…

Rumor was he wanted to come to Charlotte from Rock Hill. Some people on this board wondered why he wasn’t given that chance. Hmmmm.

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It was Winthrop. And there was no rumor about it. He was publicly campaigning for the job. Called it his dream job.

clt sees why Judy didn’t hire him

Sometime during his tenure at Winthrop, he accepted the College of Charleston job, went down there for a couple of days, but then returned to Winthrop.