Gregg Marshall investigation etc @ Wichita State

Yep, that was 2006, a year before he took the Wichita State job. Served as assistant at CofC 1988-96.

As an FYI, all of this happening on the 50th anniversary of the plane crash involving the Wichita State football team that killed 31 - half team members, as well as the HC, AD, and booster club head, among others. One of those tragic events that got overshadowed as the infamous Marshall plane crash that killed 75 occurred six weeks later.

In addition, WSU president John Bardo died last year after a lengthy illness and his successor “resigned” abruptly in June after less than a year in office. (The latter may or may not have been influenced by events involving First Daughter Ivanka.)

[As an aside, I thought the name Bardo sounded familiar so a check on his bio revealed he had been chancellor at Western Carolina prior to WSU. As a film studies major, “home base” for my daughter while attending WCU was in the building named in honor of Bardo.]

I am not sure that Wichita State is as good a job as that article says it is. It pays P5 money, but isn’t a P5 job. It has P5 expectations, but not P5 prestige. If you are a P5 level coach this looks like a step, or at least a half-step, down. If you are a G5 coach on your way up it is risk that comes with a half-step of reward. I don’t think they will have any trouble finding a coach, but I am not sure it will be anyone on this list.

They pretty much are what they are because of Greg Marshall. He may be a dick but he’s also a heck of a coach.

I’m just curious which school is gonna hire him. Someone will!

Headline per the Rock Hill Herald:

“Basketball coach Gregg Marshall suspended at least once while at Winthrop, former AD says”

probably liberty

From Goodman:

Been told that billionaire Charles Koch hasn’t gotten involved in Gregg Marshall situation, but former Rent-A-Center owner Tom Devlin is supporting Marshall - despite all the recent allegations.

— Jeff Goodman (@GoodmanHoops) October 23, 2020

Watched the initial Jeff Goodman and Robbie Hummel podcast and they talk at length about Marshall. Goodman said that WSU players finally agreed to be interviewed by the investigating firm after being hesitant to do so. Also mentioned that a CBS Sports crew had been attendance at the practice in which Marshall allegedly choked an assistant but not sure if they had filmed anything incriminating. As far as the team video of that particular practice, apparently that had been ordered erased.

The Goodman and Hummel Podcast, Episode One

— Jeff Goodman (@GoodmanHoops) October 27, 2020

Greg Marshall = If Donald Trump were a basketball coach

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