Grill or Griddle

I just took my Saber 2 burner gas grill to the grave. It was fantastic. Need a replacement. Saw a Traeger Griddle online and am curious. Any experiences? I don’t want to spend more than $1600 for something I abuse outside. The Traeger Griddle is like $1000.

clt advises to get a gas grill for mid week grillin’, simple charcoal grill for the weekend and a smoker for holidays/events

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Why not get a decent grill and have a cast iron griddle for it when you want? I have a Weber Genesis II and I have a cast iron plate I use on it. Best of both worlds. Unless you do seething that takes up a ton of real estate like huge fried rice portions, you’ve got it covered.

And I agree with CLT as well. Weber during the week, kamado for a mid week smoke for two or for grilling over lump, then the big boy smoker for the weekend get togethers.

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I add applewood chips to my ex Saber and to the ash tray of my little portable charcoal grill. There is not a good way, I don’t think, to get a smoke flavor on a griddle. The traeger requires cooking with lid open, so it’s more like a greasy diner cooktop than an outdoor grill

I dunno about added griddle over a grill, but maybe it’s time to go bigger. The Saber 2 burner was super efficient and easy to control, but probably too small for a griddle that makes sense.

Are those Blackstone griddles trash? I get the point above, but they’re not that expensive and I was curious.

I also may be answering my own question above.

I’ve been wanting a blackstone but hear too much about rusting even when covered and I don’t have a garage to store it… so I haven’t pulled the trigger yet. Regarding the rusting I can’t tell if it’s user error or if it really rusts when you season and cover properly.

I just now looked at the Traeger, which is probably like a blackstone . You probably need to keep them oiled like a cast iron pan.

I am bad about not covering my grills. I always forget, at best. Maybe I should just buy another Saber as I have a nice stainless motorized rotisserie for it. If my patio was covered, maybe I would go nicer. Then again, some of the nicer grills cost about what it would to build a patio roof.

I wouldn’t count on myself to keep up with oiling a griddle regularly. Just being realistic. I clean my existing grill top to bottom at the start of every season, but only grudgingly, and the only other thing I ever do is scrape it before each use. If it’s more complicated than that, I just know I won’t do it. Too lazy.

That’s why I have held off on a Blackstone too. Not good to hear another anecdote about them rusting even if covered. That sucks.

clt says leave your grill on high for 25 mins, clean grill

So funny, I literally started researching this topic 2 days ago, get an outdoor griddle or a griddle you place on the grill. I appreciate all the viewpoints

BTW: Who says this Board is way too negative… This topic is all about LOVE :heart: and goodness :slight_smile:


My question is… I’ve always gotten a solid 4-6 years out of $250-300 gas grills before they rust/eat out the bottom/heating covers. Do I really need a $600+ Weber? Are they that much better? Last 8-12 years?

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I have a Webber that I’ve replaced the guts of 3 times but the unit is in great shape


I got at least 10 from the Saber. Back then, it was much higher quality stainless in general than your big box stores. They retail now for $1500, but back then I think I got a deal on a floor model for around $1000+-

I got tired of grill’s having stainless for aesthetics when parts that were also important to service life failed much sooner. Plus, the food was significantly better. Nowadays, Webber probably has more comparable designs and quality.

I don’t like gimmicks. Like “this grill will cook for you while you drink beer if you connect it to our phone app.” I do like simplicity and fast. Get it hot fast and cook.

Now charcoal grills don’t have to necessarily be as durable and can be under $100 sometimes if small. I let others slow cook, but they are more serious and knowledgeable about that

I have a Weber kettle charcoal grill that is my absolute favorite. Works great when you have time. I also have a Blackstone griddle. It takes some getting used to but I would recommend and they aren’t expensive. I am done with gas grills. If I had to choose only one I would pick the Weber but that is just me. I am definitely not a grill snob. Cool discussion here.

clt says ace hardware is a sneaky good place to get a weber.

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my family has both but we mostly use the griddle over the grill with the way we like to prepare our food and the easier portability. I think its been 3 years since the actual grill as been used and it just sits there on the deck.

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I’ve had a Blackstone griddle for two years and love it. Last summer I don’t think we used the regular grill once, just the Blackstone. My regular grill is a 15 year old Weber that still works great. Fired it up this past weekend.

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Any rusting issues? How is it stored?