Halton attendance

It’s 5 minutes until tip and there’s probably not even 1000 people here. I know it’s exam week and we are 1-7 but this is embarrassing. I had a Campbell official ask me why they split up our student section when neither side is full…

Get use to it. Until football has a bowl game and bball has a tourney appearance it won’t change.

clt says Haltron is not the same.

OMFG We just lost to f#$%ing Campbell. [size=7]F$#@ing CAMPBELL.[/size]

The ones who didn’t go are the lucky ones.

[size=3.95em]Benign Negligence [/size]

I have season tickets and forgot we even had a game, not that I would have driven down for an hour and a half to watch us anyways.

I’m sorry but they are unwatchable. Nothing to even look forward to in years to come.





The sooner you come to terms with this, the more sane you become





The sooner you come to terms with this, the more sane you become[/quote]yep. I fully stopped caring after the last game. Only game I’m going to the rest of the year is gtown, and that’s only because I can walk to the arena and have some dinner and beers nearby before the game.

By the time this season is over, we will probably have some games with less than 1000 butts in seats.

As a student I’m a little hesitant to bring any signs calling for a school official to be fired, but I was actually hoping we could form a protest. I think alumni should pick a game during conference play, and just not attend it. Students can go because their tickets are free, but no one should buy a ticket. The only way the School takes action is with revenue loss, and the best way to cause that is by not buying tickets. The way I see it, attendance is so low anyway it wouldn’t take much to make this happen

What if you already bought season tickets?

How would that be any different than tonight?

With the product on the court what it is, sometimes harder to choose niner basketball over other things

I feel like I paid to go see the games so I try to go to as many as possible. I bought my tickets this season knowing that it is a dumpster fire. Since I simply enjoy the game I will be going. To each his own, so if you wish to boycott and no show then great.

I get what some here feel and say. However, I don’t look at my team as a “product”, commodity, stock investment, or company. I look at them as family trying to do the best they can. So I will support them regardless, and attend games at home with the season tix I’ll always buy for as long as I am able. That’s me, and I respect anyone else being you.

I will go to more games this year than I have the past few years because I still have faith in Price. With that said if I have a conflict with something it is doubtful the game is going to win out.

Last year felt like boycotting. This year, it’s gonna be hard to make the effort as much as I want to support this team. Whole experience was bad. It’s not the AD’s fault but what in the hell is up with the traffic? Took me almost twice as long to get there because of HWY 49 and I was very early. Then sat on 49 for :30 minutes after due to a wreck. Don’t know if it is because of 29 construction or what, but if the arena was full it would be impossible to get in and out of there.

Agree with you. My resentment is towards Phil and Judy. I want to protest, but I want to protest Phil and Judy, I still want to show up and support the team. There has to be a way to do both and I don’t think it’s boycotting the team.

I can’t wait for the light rail to be complete. Stuff like this won’t be as much of an issue.

There was a bad wreck on WT Harris heading south, but not sure elsewhere.

I have Faith in Coach Price, and i will attend every home game this year, but without some sort of protest i dont see how Judy will leave until she retires. and i am not happy to wait any longer. It sucks because i like this team for the players that stuck around and they work hard, but i wish there was another way to make a statement that actually gets the school attention