Henry Williams RIP

Was just notified that Henry passed this morning…Sad day for Niner Nation…

A legend, gone too soon. Had a fantastic life outside of basketball as well. Prayers for his family.

He played before my time at Charlotte but my understanding is he was a transformative player bringing Charlotte back to basketball relevance.


Omg. This is so sad. My freshman yr he was a total rock star as a senior. Saw him every day in Belk downstairs. Nicest guy in the building. The best player I’ve ever seen at Charlotte. I know Mullins must be crushed

Man, another tremendous loss for our UNC Charlotte/Charlotte 49ers community. RIP #34.


Henry was my first 49er hero. Fantastic shooter, tough player, and by all accounts an amazing human being. RIP.

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I was a Freshman his Junior year. Watching Henry play made me realize that UNCC could compete with the big boys in Basketball. In '91…he led us to the Diet Pepsi Tournament of Champions title (and we were never invited back again) by beating #15 Alabama and #20 DePaul on back to back nights.

He was the first reason I was proud to be a Niner…literally.

With all due respect to Cornbread Maxwell…Henry will always be the unquestioned G.O.A.T. of Charlotte 49er basketball as far as I’m concerned.

I really hope we find some way to honor him and dedicate the season to him next year.


Man, I hate to hear this. So young. My favorite of all time, too

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Wow! We have really been beset by a number of deaths in the past month.

Henry was one of my all time favorites and a joy to watch during his four years as a Niner - from the cocky freshman to the stone cold senior who willed UNCC to a Metro championship at Freedom Hall and the Big Dance. Always thought he got the shaft as a pro on this side of the Atlantic but proved his worth in Europe.

High Flying, may you rest in peace.

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Both my favorite and the most talented 49er I have ever personally seen play. Henry would have started for any NCAA team in any league in any era. He was one of the most gifted scorers I have ever seen, and a surperb shooter (check his career stats linked below).

RIP to one of the greats. You will be remembered #34.

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RIP Henry. A superstar on and off the court. I really admire the players that are successful in life after basketball, and Henry really was. He also stayed connected to, and gave back to the University.

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So happy to hear that he lived an accomplished life off the court as well as on it. Never saw him play or preach, but he must have done both extremely well. We need more like him in this world.

Henry was one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. He was a sophomore when I was a freshman, and when I later met him on campus, he couldn’t have been anymore gracious. This his a big loss for our Niner community, and Charlotte as a whole.

need to have a HW34 patch on the jersey for next season


RIP #34, nothing but class on and off the court. my all time favorite 49er!