How will Hill handle his decision to keep Ron?

  • Address it publicly
  • Hide like a coward

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We all know Ron isn’t going anywhere. They’ll gloss over the details of our season with platitudes about growth and having a first teamer in Jahmir and a good young freshman in Aly, ignoring the fact we were dreadful against any team that wasn’t trash.

I really don’t want Jahmir to leave, but I think it comes down to whether or not he stays. If he leaves, I dunno how you can keep Ron. I would expect his support to fall from what little he has left to basically zero.

And in that case, Mike cannot stay silent. No way.

Hill needs to address it publicly and soon for the sake of the players and recruits so they can make their decisions accordingly

Hill thinks Ron is amazing. If he makes any comment it will be “We won 17 games, better than last season. Things are moving in the right direction especially after the impact of COVID”.

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Getting trashed on air. Deserved.

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That’s great. I’m honestly glad it’s being talked about. Hill needs to feel some pressure.

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Here’s a list of all that “great basketball” being played in the Old North State:

NET# / school / record vs D-I

9 Duke (26-5)
32 UNC-CH (23-8)
44 Wake (23-9)
45 Davidson (24-5)
147 NC State (11-21)
160 App State (16-14)
167 UNCG (16-14)
173 Gardner-Webb (15-13)
176 UNCW (21-9)
178 ECU (15-14)
189 CHARLOTTE (17-14)
219 Campbell (13-13)
226 UNCA (13-14)
257 Elon (8-22)
261 High Point (11-18)
286 NC A&T (9-20)
287 WCU (10-21)
290 NC Central (11-14)

So some great and some not so great. It is awful that App, UNC-G, Gardner Webb, UNC-W, and freakin’ ECU are above us.

After 4 years I expected us to be battling for conference championship and an NCAA bid. We are nowhere near that. It’s embarrassing.


If Mike gives the “progress” talk, we will know that Chapel Hill Phil got one last laugh on us.

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App on the road may have been our best win of the year. How embarrassing!!

Per NET, Middle Tennessee best win.

that was a home game

Winning at App has never been easy for us. Not disagreeing that many things were embarrassing this season, but we have taken better teams to app and lost to worse versions of App.

We also used to be their biggest game of the year, and they really got up for it. Now, not so much. They are just generally better than we are now. They even gasp won a game in their conference tournament.

They may be better than us, but they absolutely got up for us. Pretty sure we were their biggest home game and probably biggest home crowd - I was at the game. Just because we suck doesn’t mean they weren’t looking aching to beat us - again up there. I am all for calling out where we sucked this year, like getting destroyed by Davidson and making no adjustment. Beating App up there has never been easy for us, regardless of the team we take up there.

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Yes, #160 App was beat road win.

If Sanchez did get fired…”IF”, do you think Bruce Weber who just resigned at Kansas State today would have any interest of coming here?

He’s 65 years old, and on a three year drought with some pretty terrible results. He has a good overall track record, but maybe that keg is tapped out. Maybe he doesn’t even want to coach anymore.

Also, there is a whole separate thread for possible replacements for Sanchez.

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Could Ron step down? Look for a soft landing somewhere. What if Young leaves, transfer/pro/overseas pro whatever, Ron’s looking at a next year where he probably gets fired. He may want to get out with a winning record now. Just thinking