I don't think they take us seriously

i think we need to hold rallies outside news stations. We need to confront reporters. We need to take our fight to the media. We need to forget the idea of institutional change. Find the reporters and take the argument to them. We just lost to Chattanooga! This is all men on deck situation. We must Embarrass her CHP and Lambert every where we can! THIS IS WAR! FIGHT! WIN! Learn From TRUMP Facts don’t matter WINNING DOES




fuck the noise it is time to get serious or get off the board!



Were open for business!!! Send your shirt, hats, and fundraising ideas to this thread!!!

Donate here!


we need to do something. this has to change. let our voices be heard to judy and phil.

If you just post and don’t Donate your a coward! you don’t want Change! You want to Bitch! LET"S WIN!!! DONATE! WIN WIN WIN, TIME TO WIN!!!

LETS WIN!!!. They didn’t want us to have NFL. They didn’t want us to have NCAA! WE MUST WIN, WIN, WIN, WIN! GET THE WORD OUT!!! WIN!!! DONATE DONATE DONATE!!! WE MUST PREPARE FOR BATTLE WE MUST WIN!!!

Don’t forget what we endured


Support the cause!!!


At this point I don’t see any reason for Price to be here for a 4th season.

How will the “Go Fund Me Money” be used?

My son has just decided to transfer from UNC Charlotte as a student at the end of this semester. So the legacy stops there. How about that for serious? He can get the same degree from a school that promotes winners.

gofundme bad idea. zero good can happen. delete thread

Some are using this thread to promote a gofundme, but no one is explaining what the fund is actually for and/or what the funds will be used for. Forgive me if I don’t want to donate to a fund controlled by one person with the final say on if/how it’ll be used.

please delete this thread

clt says we have entrepreneurial chat pagers, that is good.