I’ve got a question/Charlotte Observer

Hope y’all are doing well.

My question is simple: what would have to do at The Observer to draw consistent readership from 49ers coverage.

Here for comments or questions.

I also put this basketball forum. If that was not right, please excuse me.

Big old troll alert!

Not at all

I’ll be back and post a fulsome reply later. I appreciate the outreach, but only to the extent the feedback is taken seriously.

Absolutely will be.

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After earning its first trip in program history to the NCAA Regionals at the end of last season, our softball team goes to Tallahassee and beats the highest-rated team in program history, the #4-rated and 2023 national runner-up FSU Seminoles, in the season opener for both teams. An online subscriber to the Observer, I head to the site expecting to see at least a report on the game’s results. Is there one at this writing? Nope. Nada. Zilch.

The turnaround of Charlotte’s softball program by this staff and its players is a great story. Maybe if we earn our second trip to the NCAA Regionals, we’ll get a mention. Maybe.



Nah-----now if it was one of those “triangle teams” sure------but little ol’ Charlotte. Nah, they don’t generate enough “clicks”. We just know that.

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Ricko, you have to click on it so that they’ll then write it. C’mon man, get with the times. :joy:

Y’all are funny. Thanks for the chuckle this AM.

There’s nothing funny about the observers lack of coverage of Charlotte over the years. It’s pathetic.

Not what I meant. Just how passionate yall are, sorry.

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LW, not your fault and thanks for trying but there is a lot of animosity toward The O because of the past. It’s not your fault but I doubt it’s gonna change.

BTW, The O earned the vitriol. We’re not making it up and it wasn’t imagined. I’m old, graduated in 88 and it happened for many, many years.

I think it is great that we have an advocate in Langston. I applaud his engagement. He doesn’t have to do this. I say we focus on the present and future. Don’t dwell on the past.

We should appreciate the effort Langston is putting into this. It could prove to be one of the best things to happen for all parties involved.


I remember when Langston was a lot lower on the totem pole at the Observer, including when I used to work with him. I also remember how genuinely enthusiastic he was when Michael Beasley verbally committed to us (I know that turned out bad, but that wasn’t Langston’s fault - he knew we got a verbal from a baller and he was psyched to see how good we would be with what we already had at that time). I believe he even wrote something to that effect back then.

I don’t know if our fanbase will ever be appeased, but I do think what he is doing is more receptive than anything we have gotten from the O before.


Totally agree

No I hear you. Time heals all wounds. Hopefully

I was geeked when I interviewed Beasley at Charlotte and he asked for and put on some Niner gear on as
he spoke to me. I wrote about it that night.

As far as totem pole, I don’t know
If it’s really any different. I just didn’t speak up as much.

Maybe I got some courage in my old age


Jon Tritsch, Grace Grill, Nick Carboni, and several of the guys at WFNZ all come to mind as local sports journalists who cover Charlotte sports regularly. But, then, their organizations haven’t seemed to have been co-opted into a stance that appears to value “statewide” coverage over what’s going on here in Charlotte when it comes to college sports.

I subscribe to the online version of the Observer to read LOCAL news. Because of the paucity of 49ers coverage, I tend not to click the sports tab. Note to the ptb’s at McClatchy: the Triangle is NOT considered local in Charlotte.

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Is there no Saturday edition of the observer? Subscribed on line to give this a chance and the Saturday edition says xtra, and there is no Charlotte sports stories in the sports section. Am I missing something?

No paper edition on Saturday. On line edition for subscribers of such. It’s like reading the paper edition online. Looks like this. It’s available online every day in this format for those who subscribe to it.