IE vs Firefox vs Mozilla or whatever

Interested discussion int he shoutbox, thought it should continue here.

Originally I asked why people that use firefox or whatever, pick it over IE. What am I missing? I use the new IE with the SP2. The one with the tabs and stuff.

But I hear alot of people saying firefox doesnt pick up all the sites, so there must be something about it that makes you choose it. Whats up?

I switched to Opera ever since I read this article:


Ok so i read that its because of user plugins that makes firefox attractive? Am I correct?

woudlnt they make the system unstable?

I can’t log into my work email from home using IE. That gives me one additional reason to use firefox. I originally started using it for the tabs and didn’t even know that there was an IE that had tabbing enabled.

The tabbin rocks. I seriously dont think it can get any better.


All the delighfulness of the IE rendering engine, none of the Microsoft crap. Plugins, adblocking, tabs, mouse gestures etc. It’s what I use.

whats a mouse gesture?

whats a mouse gesture?

By ‘drawing’ with my mouse I can control the browser. Firefox does the same.

You just hold down the right click button and make the appropriate shape, generally something simple like a line or an L in the right direction.

For instance, I use a line down to open a new tab and down right to close a tab. other things like, a left line for back and a right line for forward are really easy. MG become very second nature after you use them.

I only use IE if I absolutely have to, which is a rarity. Every once in a blue moon, I’ll get a blank page with FF but beyond that, it’s by far my browser of choice and has been for a couple years. I use Opera some as well. I find it to load pages a wee bit faster than FF but I definitely prefer the additional benefits of FF. Tab browsing, auto spell check and all of the add-ons trump anything Microsoft has come up with.

Once you switch to FF and just get used to the appearance and features, I have a hard time believing most people would still prefer IE over it. It’s just hard to break away from the norm for a lot of users.

Yea, i’ve only used to IE, tried a diff browser a while back, messed up my comp, so I gave up. I dont know man… it seems like a risk.

Yea, i've only used to IE, tried a diff browser a while back, messed up my comp, so I gave up. I dont know man... it seems like a risk.

There’s absolutely no risk at all installing/running FF. If your computer got screwed up after putting it on, there was something already wrong with your PC and FF just triggered it. I’d try the latest version before boycotting it.

I just installed yet another cool FF extension. Got the ForecastFox which is pretty neat. Allows you to see current/future weather conditions (including live radar) from several toolbar options.

I switched to Firefox about a year ago. The main reason I switched was because of Microsofts popularity, it makes IE more vulnerable to malicious practices. I don’t pretend to understand how all hackers and scam artists work, but it makes sense to me that if they do create a malicious program(virus) it would be geared to attack Microsoft users since there are more of them.

As far as performance, I did like the multiple tabs Firefox uses. But now IE has that too. I like the Favorite menu format of IE better than the Bookmark format of FF. I believe downloading files is easier in IE too.

[QUOTE=Gill2003;208342]The tabbin rocks. I seriously dont think it can get any better.[/QUOTE]

IE7 sucks, tab browsing is o.k. in it but the browser itself is about 10 times slower than IE6. I still have IE6 on my computer, but I use Firefox often. I have been using Mozilla since it came out though.

It’s a more secure, user friendly, browser, which the add-ons are awesome.

I never noticed a diff between IE6 7 in speed.

I used to use netscape navigator way back when

Well, I just installed Maxthon. I used to use it, but haven’t in a while. I like it’s capacity to customize.

what all can you add?

I’ve been using FF for about two years or so. I prefer the tab browsing and I view IE7 as nothing but a copycat of FF. I read about the development of FF in Wired magazine a few years ago and it got me curious (one of the main developers was a high school kid), so I tried it out and since they had the tab browsing before IE I decided to stick with it. Some webpages such as MSN don’t work very well with FF but it really doesn’t bother me too much.

Also my company has suggested not to upgrade to IE7 because some of our web based programs don’t work well with IE7.

Another reason I went with FF was because I wanted to stick it to the man (Bill Gates)!!

Love Firefox. Love tabbed browsing, love its download options, and its right click options own IE.

IE7 is bloatware. I cannot stand it. Slow to load (even with all the system tray fast starts) and slow browsing.

That said, i would switch to Maxthon or Opera at the drop of a hat if I determined it was better. I have absolutely zero allegiance to any of these companies. I just want the best browser I can get for free.

i’m just starting to use a program called camino (for macs) i used to firefox and it wasn’t up to par for mac’s. Camino is the mac’s version of firefox. I enjoy the browser very much.

Firefox works fine on my mac. Safari works fine too, but not with