Interview with Mike Hill


The more Niner podcasts the merrier. Hill says he expects us to make the NCAA tournament “almost every year”. He addresses some of our “passionate fans” on social media.

He also likes the direction of the basketball program, how this is the best team we have had in his 5 years, and likes the core we have returning for next year.

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Stop it Mac, he did not say he likes our strong core returning did he?

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Pillars have rebar in the middle. #:muscle:

In fairness, interview was published 3/31. Not sure when it was recorded.

But if it was recorded after Brice and Aly entered the portal, that is flabbergasting.

I didn’t pay attention to the date, just assumed it was new.

@Ninercentral He did say that though, ok he didn’t use the word strong, but did say the core we have coming back… just went back to re-listen to make sure

Unbelievable. Is it possible Hill has sustained some brain damage that we don’t know about?

25-28 minute mark is the area you’d want to listen to I think

I like what he said about the stadium expansion start date.

He did also mention it’s time for us to be back in the NCAAs which I like. I just have a differing opinion at to whether we are tracking toward that goal I guess.

I was distracted… What did he say about expansion?

Nothing whatsoever

If it’s 3/31 prior to the portal departures then I can see the liking a core group coming back.

After listening to it I don’t feel quite as bad as I did just reading the comments. Sounds like this may have been recorded before Brice & Aly entered the portal & he did mention that he knows fans aren’t happy with where we are at. Just wish he wasn’t happy with where we are too or at least unhappy enough to do something about it.


I was a little disappointed by his comments on fan criticism. It’s not the cocktails that has caused fans to lose hope in Sanchez, it’s five years of mediocre ball.

That being said he’ll be back next year, I hope he’s able to pull off what I would consider a minor miracle and in year 6 be near the top of the AAC. Unfortunately 5 years of evidence leads me to believe we’ll be closer the bottom than the top.

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Cocktails??? Huh??

Yeah if he thinks we’re only upset enough to speak our opinion when alcohol is involved he needs to get to know his fan base a little better.

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I don’t drink during the week days when I normally post on here. I don’t need beer to neither help me know that we padded a weak ass schedule to prop up a coach that isn’t getting it done nor state such.

Hell, I’m 56. I don’t work for Hill and I’d be happy to tell him my opinion in person and stone cold sober. I met him once and he seems like a good enough Joe but I hate condescending comments like that.

They all seem to have an attitude that if you’re not in the AD or a coach you don’t know crap about sports.

As I’ve posted before, I’m not a veterinarian but I know a horses ass when I see one.

Hootie, that comment was part of a discussion of how some of our fans criticized players on social media. I think that Mike was right there - you don’t do it. That’s like punching below the belt. I saw it when it happened and I could only shake my head.

I think Mike was trying to give the fans who did it a pass (blame it on the booze), but there’s really no excuse for it. He also said it happened at Florida too and he is never okay with it.