Jaelyn Withers - 2019 G/F offered

“ O Ye of little faith” He could be a “superstar” at Charlotte and play in front of his family. At the big programs he would be just another one of many good players. Curtis says “His son is a homebody and doesn’t want to leave the honeycomb”

clt says we just put a player in the nfl, and nba Teams are literally in town all season.

We can get him in the league if he has the talent

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clt says we just put a player in the nfl, and nba Teams are literally in town all season.

We can get him in the league if he has the talent
[/quote} The Charlotte Observer, TV and local media would certainly give him lots of coverage

All true, but making it to the NBA can be by many paths, some much easier than others.

Take a great talent and put him on a P5 squad surrounded by a decent team that can make a run in the tournament. This provides the opportunity to go head to head with the best players in the game and prove definitively where he stacks up against his peers. A 1st round pick and earning a garaunteed contract is a straight line from here. You either perform or you don’t, simple as that, and that determines your NBA prospects.

Take the same player and place him on a lower-mid-major where he’s by far the best player. This team makes an early exit from the tourney, if getting there at all, leaving everyone who matters wondering how he really stacks up against the best. From here, he will have to work his ass off after the season and before the draft to prove the same thing, that’s he worth a 1st round pick and a garaunteed contract. In this case, he would be drafted despite never proving much head to head, not because of it.

Seeing that staying close to home is a welcomed read, but that was his Dad saying that in the article. I think the only hope we have is that this truly is a major motivation. Because if you had the hopes of being a millionaire basketball player one day and had any choice of schools, would you ever choose Charlotte? Probably not, unless it’s for a more important reason than that. Let’s hope that’s the case here.

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Exposure is rarely ever a good thing for NBA prospects. Back in the day you could score 12 pts in the Burger game and leap to a lottery pick. Going to school a year hasn’t helped anyone but the scouts.

NBA scouts will find talent at whatever level they play. They found Curry didn’t they. Talent is measured by who you play against not who you play with.

That was mostly my point. Not many chances to prove oneself against top tier talent in CUSA.

We play teams outside Conference USA just like Davidson did with Curry in an even worse conference

Give it a rest man. Curry played in the So Con. If you’re good, the nba will find you and take you. Amazingly they found Maxwell in '77. Look who we played in the regular season that year. Your argument sounds good, but it’s flawed by the facts. It’s like you’re trying to shoo Withers away. Stop. It.

Are we sure dmastinsc: is one of Our fans?

Jesus Christ, simply stating the fact that proving yourself to NBA Scouts is easier when playing in a P5 conference is blasphemy, eh? I guess just never mind that is a true statement?

Or, if that’s not what you took from my post, go back and read it again. You CAN make it to NBA playing anywhere, but it’s a helluva lot easier if you build your resume by beating the best night in and night out.

Oh, and I also said I hope he has higher priorities, like playing close to home, but you probably didn’t read that far.

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Chill. Some people like to argue everything. Your point is valid, just not the end all, which I’m sure you know that. It’s all good.

I think both sides have good points. The NBA is mostly looking for physical ability & you can prove you have that in any conference. I think a lot of programs like Duke & Kentucky sell the idea that the exposure they can give these kids will help them get to where they want to be. Going to a more prestigious conference may help you go a few spots earlier in the draft but with all of the exposure players get these days it’s not gonna be the difference in getting drafted vs not getting drafted. I definitely hope he comes here but it will be an uphill battle especially with the attention he is starting to get. If Sanchez can turn this team around & show some real improvement in year 1 that should help make Charlotte a little more attractive than it was just a few months ago.

Charlotte is a better path to one and done.

it s going to be hard to get him to come, regardless of his pops being here in the early 2000’s . Lets just hope he is a family oriented kid who wants to stay home. I seen some clips on him; can flat out shoot it and improving in footwork.

Probably a 1% chance

Curt did say Jaelyn was a homebody and didn’t like to wander too far.


His wish to stay closer to home bodes well for Clemson. Looks like his stock began to soar too soon for us to have a realistic shot.