Jerry Richardson fallout


I’m curious to see the fallout here, if any, with the latest round of news. $2.75 million fine from NFL. Scott Fowler calling for removal of his statue at BOA.

We’ve issued a statement.


I hate that Jerry has caused this shit storm that ripples crap toward us. Thankful for his support but his name will have to be removed from our stadium and who knows how this will affect us $upportwise. DAMMIT!!!


His name is on the stadium, and half the field. Also, he endowed a $1M football scholarship in his deceased son’s name. (to be clear, I’m not necessarily advocating for or against his name being removed from any of those, just pointing out what he’s donated). Even before all of this, I had reservations about the field and stadium naming rights being sold in perpetuity.


– Okay, I just saw the news article about the NFL fining Richardson, and it says they have evidence. That changes my thoughts, so I am deleting what I wrote, and will come back once I read the article.


Not a whole ton of people are going to remember who he is beyond big time fans in 10 years. I’m thankful for the money and that our stadium isn’t named after Wells Fargo or some other failing bank… it’s whatever at this point.


I put a poll on twitter about this, stop what you are doing and vote in my poll.


clt says until he is proven guilty of a crime, you could leave his name up.


Donating the equivalent money to a program at the university that has a mission statement of preventing the conduct he’s been accused of would be ideal. Hill is gonna have to put the foot on the gas to make up for that donation.


I really don’t care. I hate that Judy sold lifetime rights but it is what it is. What he did is bad publicity but he didn’t commit some heinous crime.


I’m glad he gave us money. That being said I never really understood naming the field and stadium after the same person. I hope one day we can get sponsorship dollars for club suites and press box tower at the stadium.


His grandson is also on our football coaching staff.

I’m not saying that I want his name removed from the stadium, but if it is, can we move his name and put it on the field house? Replace whoever’s name is on it now, and then seek a new name for the stadium.


You know damn well Judy’s name isn’t coming off that building.


I say we start soliciting rich donors who have made a mistake that was not illegal, or exceedingly stupid. Let’s find the people that have just crossed a line and offer them a path to redemption. So not Bill Cosby, but maybe Ben Affleck. These days the possibilities are almost infinite. We could have the best facilities in the nation.



One of the points that has been made and to remember is if there is more money in his will to be donated. He just sold his team for a crap ton of money. Is removing his name worth getting written out of will?


That seems like a good possibility. I liked the university’s statement that they are only just now considering what to do (sure). Like, “no! we never EVER considered before what to do about our buddy Jerry’s name on the stadium! Absolutely not! This is a shocking turn of events.”




This turned quickly. We can find money elsewhere. Hell we didnt find his money…he showed up with it at our doorstep. I would like his name removed. It’s cleaner that way. Regardless of what he did/didn’t do. His legacy ended with a pretty big smear.


I think it would be smart on our part to sit back and let everything play out with the Panthers first.


In an ideal world, money SHOULD be an afterthought here. Unfortunately, that’s just not the case.

We are in a real pickle here. Honestly, there’s not a “correct” way to handle it. This is a crappy problem to have.

I refuse to blame this on Judy, even though I do think we could have made more money on the naming rights. In 2012 when this happened, nobody in their right mind would have assumed Big Cat was doing this. And it seemed like it was a safe and smart choice to have a lifetime agreement with.

It will hurt us financially, but IMO the only right thing to do is take his name off the stadium. He didn’t commit any serious crime, and he may be a product of his time, but that does not excuse his actions, and to ask people that have been through this behavior before to sit in a stadium with his name on it is not a good thing to do. If he takes us out of his will over us doing the right thing, that’s his problem. His silence is deafening. He knows what he did was wrong.