JMU Game 11/16

I have 2 uppers for the game. I have other plans and unable to make it. PM me if you want the tix.

Serious question for anyone who may know the answer or even direct me to the correct person to ask:

Are there any online viewing options for this game? I’ve got a subscription to C-USA TV, but don’t see a single one of our games listed as being on that platform. Is it going to be very difficult to watch our team this year?

Hopefully they just haven’t added the “WATCH” link yet…

Viewing options for our games are displayed as a graphic here:

(ESPN+, beIN, etc.)

JMU seems to be radio only, ESPN 730. However, looking at upcoming events here:

they list the Jan 12 FAU game, but our page only lists radio as an option, so it might not be entirely accurate / comprehensive.

I guess I’m saying there are some other viewing options for other games, but your mileage may vary with CUSA TV.

You could email and find out what’s up with CUSA TV. Kinda odd there’s no mention of them at all on our page, unless we’re obligated to send viewers to the main networks by contract?

A lot of away games can be viewed on the home team’s streaming service. For instance, the C of C game can be found on the CAA app/streaming service (I have it on Roku), and those games are free to view.

fwiw, jmu beat ecu on a last second shot.

My tickets are gone

C-USA TV is showing the game - I emailed this afternoon. Didn’t get a reply, but the “WATCH” links are there now

Charlotte women will face Rutgers in the first game of Friday’s double-header as the Scarlet Knights coach goes for win number 1,001.

clt says Karen can pull this off!

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Will have to wait.

Just now had a chance to check the box score. Looks like really struggled to get anything going offensively. Any positives to take away from tonight’s game?

Free Throws -84.2%

I think it was even higher the other night

Boring as hell game. We had like ten points with 7 minutes left in first half.

Game sucked. Too many passes in the middle. Couldn’t hit shots we did take. Passed ball around for 20 sec and then rushed to take shot before shot clock expired.

Back to back chicken. The chicken game is strong.

Positives are the team once again showed they are talented and can score in the final minutes. I just wish they remembered that the first 35 minutes. The offense was flat and ineffective until 5 minutes or so left in the game. Then the guys got aggressive and started putting the ball in the basket.

Supica looked good.

We had some dead spots in the second half that put us in too big a hole. Davis, Robb and Supica had decent games. Mangum and Martin really struggled. They were a combined 0-14 from the floor. One of the assistant coaches was on Matt’s post-game show and described the team as reactive instead of being the aggressor. The effort is there at times but they need to begin games with more of a sense of urgency. That needs to start Monday against Longwood.

We got behind early and couldn’t overcome it. Seemed like the crowd wanted to get into it early but we couldn’t get anything going offensively to energize them.

There was way too much wasted time on offense. Shot clock was a problem not just because of JMUs D but also our indecision on O.

Despite all that we had a shot at the end against a decent team.

Supica had a good game.

We are going to have a tough to impossible time scoring this season.

We’ve got upside, but this season is going to be tough to watch.

We gave up too many uncontested layups. Too much standing around on offense.