Kevin Olsen - 2016 JUCO QB - signed with Charlotte

Olsen signed with us today, huge get.

Really big.

If he performs just at an average level, we have a complete team. No glaring, can’t fix weaknesses.


This is awesome news- congrats Kevin!

clt highly endorses this.

Big news. Welcome to Charlotte Kevin. I have an extra ticket if your brother needs to come watch you play.

I put this in the other thread but here it is again. Kevin Olsen competing in the 2012 Elite 11. Notice how at the end he was named to the Elite 11 and Ferguson wasn’t.:wink:

Absolutely terrific news. Welcome Kevin!

Best news at uncc since Major shitcanned.

His YouTube Hs vid is pretty legit.

Judy just got a 99 year extension

What was his college career like? I’m excited about the QB pickup for sure. Just don’t want to rely on high school performances to get excited. What do we know?

He was Miami U QB…
Juco now

Thanks to you and old row. Guess I’m just gun shy after Braxton on big transfers not working out here. His numbers don’t scream out anything special, but I’m excited to see what he can do in Niner green! Welcome to Niner Nation!

Props to AD for finally dislodging head from rectum and allowing 4 star talent.

He has NFL skills

2 years ago #4 QB in nation.

Glad to give him a chance here. Did some research (believe me it’s OUT THERE) and HOPE he is ready to work and rise from the ashes of his past few years.

I’m glad he gave us a chance

clt links to the observer story about a 4 star qb signing with the local FBS team. That 4 star qb is also the brother of the star tight end of the best team in the nfl, which happens to be in Charlotte.

The link:

Welcome to Charlotte, Kevin!! This is huge. Is it August yet!? 8)