LA Tech Away Game 1-30-20 7:30 Tip

Yet another big game! Both teams tied for third at 6-2 behind North Texas (8-1) and WKU (7-1). Like the Niners, Bulldogs are tough at home (9-1), with the lone loss on a controversial buzzer beater to the Mean Green, 51-50.

I don’t like our chances, but will be another great road test to hopefully add a little more metal to our guys from a development perspective. These will be the games we’ll have to win next season to take that next step.

Yes, we’ll be Ironmen! Or, we’ll add mettle , the ability to cope well with difficulties or to face a demanding situation in a spirited and resilient way. :wink:

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W+W needs a proofreader! :roll_eyes:

Per games played through January 29th, NET numbers are Charlotte #151 and LA Tech #86.

And FWIW, we were #148 the day before, but all four of the OOC teams on our sked that played last night lost.

Watching at Sammys for anyone that is interested.

Just looking at the ESPN BPI Matchup Predictor - we are given a 13.5% chance of winning. LA Tech favored by 9 1/2.

Look for us to get the win tonight.

We finally won a game vs the Bulldogs last season 55-40. Overall, LA Tech leads the series 6-1. Would be great to get a W in Ruston - where we’re 0 for 3 - for the first time!


Been a while since I saw a starting 5 and didn’t see any weak links on the offensive end

Young in 1st half was 0-8 fg (0-4 3pt). Need him to turn it around in the 2nd half if we are gonna have a chance to win.

Everyone else, especially Robb, picked up the slack. Was very worried after their scorching start, but we got hot too.

They are 10-14 3pt. I’m surprised we are only down by 8.

Our bench is currently out scoring the starters

Rotation tonight was odd. No Bamba, no Young down the stretch.

First time Sanchez has messed with his rotation all season. I get Robb performed tonight and Young had been off, but not playing two starters in the final stretch when you’re trying to stay in the game??? What the?

Young was just ice cold, and Bamba didnt play too well. I thought we looked good tonight, gotta defend the 3 better. But with that said, they were just super hot. Guys never gave up. I really like this team.