Lavin to NC State

Steve Lavin will be the next basketball coach at NC State. I told you I had an inside source up in Raleigh.

when should we expect this to come out?

Somehow Steve Lavin in with slicked back hair and bib overalls doesn’t make for a pretty photo.

To bad…I actually like Lavin…

I give it 3 years…NC State fans are just too crazy!

Do you really think Lavin can compete against [URL=][B]this kind of attention nationally, much less the ACC[/B][/URL]?


I’m surprised. Seriously. What does he bring to the table that Sendek didnt besides hair gel?

Lavin’s not a bad guy, or even a bad coach, but he’s not great either. Kinda middle of the road high major with some nice resume lines cause of where he was at. However, he’s been out of the game for a while, so he doesn’t have the carryover hype Thuggy bear had…

Sorry, just not seeing it. This is just a much too stressful and demanding position for a re-entry to work out. I’m not buying it.

Thank goodness! With him out of broadcasting, we don’t have to worry about him trying to find Bobby another job! I hated hearing him call games for us.

Lavin will have Moo U on probation faster than you can say Thuggins, Tarkanian and The Harricks.

I agree with NA. Does this paragraph sound like Sendek and his situation

“Lavin compiled a record of 145-78 in seven seasons as the Bruins’ head coach. He reached the Sweet 16 of the NCAA Tournament five times in that span, but was criticized by UCLA fans for only once advancing farther”

[QUOTE=MeinShaft;169884]Lavin will have Moo U on probation faster than you can say Thuggins, Tarkanian and The Harricks.[/QUOTE]

the race is on. the race to see who gets put on probation first. kansas state or nc state.

it just dawned on me why state picked lavin. they don’t have to worry about him negotiating a raise for his current coaching position.

has he accepted yet? what if he does not accept?

Other than the enormous challenge, I don’t see the appeal of leaving a cush analyst job to take this on. He’s making good money and has absolutely no pressure on him at ESPN. I’d be a little surprised if he took the job but it’s hard to turn the passion switch off when you’re a coach. He may be jonesing to out of his seat and back on the sidelines. As others have said, I’m just not sure I see any overwhelming contrast from Herb. He’s just a slicked up version IMO.

Isn’t that what State wanted? Herb got a raw deal because he ws decent there, but they pretty much wanted a “personality”. Same coach, bigger mouth…and hair.

Quick! Get area distribution centers to ship hair pomade, gel, and product to the Raleigh area, post-haste!

Beilein has a $3 million buyout in his contract? Sheech!
[URL=][B]N.C. State focuses on Lavin, Beilein[/B][/URL], Greensboro News & Record

State fans didn’t just dislike Herb for his lack of charisma, but because of some of the things he has done over the years. He benched Tim Wells, a frequent starter, on Senior Day. He never came into the game and Herb gave no explanation. Don’t underestimate Herb’s lack of charisma and personality.

I don’t think he’s accepted yet has he?

[QUOTE=NormanNiner;170135]I don’t think he’s accepted yet has he?[/QUOTE]


I just passed a truck on I-85 heading to Raleigh that had this lable on it. Just a coincidence?