Lawmakers seek to allow alcohol sales


We REALLY could have used this for the last decade or so.

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clt asks if this will allow appy to sell moonshine?


Much of the allure of moonshine is its illegality. If they sell moonshine they’ll sell it out of a cubbyhole in a paper cup with a straw sticking out.


I believe up in the hills they call it Booneshine.


Will more concerts come to Halton if you can buy a drink?


Isn’t the bill only authorizing sales for sporting events?


Maybe this German beer company can sponsor our team. They are opening a huge production facility in Charlotte.


Don’t screw this up folks.

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Just to confirm, this means fans can drink beer in their seat correct? Will Norms Tavern become a draft kiosk?


Yea this opens up general alcohol sales and not just sales in a confined area.