Men's Exhibition against the Newberry Wolves

One of their guards is Mason Spease, son of our Associate AD Darin Spease. Having grown up watching games in Halton I suspect playing here is going to be pretty cool. I hope we torch them, but Mason has a good game.

Tuesday 7pm

Anyone with lower level tickets not going and wanna donate your tickets to myself? :smiley: I will in turn give my 2 upper level tickets away and ensure butts are in the seats. Please pm me.


This thread is getting kinda lonely.

Wife and I will be there. Up top…so can’t help you out on that front.

I will be there up top also, so know help for you.

So should be a pretty good turnout it seems

I’m planning on driving down.

Would be nice to see a Niner team win in person.

I’ll be there.

They should just let everyone sit in the lower level. It’s not like the lower bowl is even going to fill up for an exhibition.

I will not be there. Extended family dinner trumps Niner basketball exhibition.

I’m all in. :smiley:

Any video stream of the exhibition? I’m hopeful and ready for some basketball!

Never mind, I see the link for the pay feed on Will probably go ahead and pay for this service. Anyone that has previously have reasons not to?

Newberry is picked to finish second in the conference behind the Lincoln Memorial Railsplitters.

I’m at work til 6:30ish, doubt I make the drive.

Hey cibik02 gonna shoot you a message regarding some free lowers for tonight.

I have an upper that I won’t be using tonight, let me know if you can use it.

Just noticed that 104 is designated for graduate students?

[quote=“Mr. Bojangles, post:18, topic:29112”]Just noticed that 104 is designated for graduate students?


WOW - so 104 isn’t the “104” we have come to know. Do graduate students even care about sports?

95% of grad students do not care or have time for sporting events… especially foreign students or students who got their bachelors degree elsewhere. Sounds like another empty section to me.