Michael Beasley - 2007 (Ranked #2 overall)

6’8" SF/PF

TheInsiders.com (Dave Telep) revised their 2007 rankings to include Beasley and his Charlotte commitment.

theinsiders.com: 2007 Rankings

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wow…I think we should start recruiting his replacement now, unless an injury or something he’s one and done at best for us. still good for our name that we got a guy like this to commit here. and who knows, maybe he wants to pull a Carmelo?

No doubt Butter. Having his boy Nolan Smith tag along wouldn’t hurt either.
Hell by then maybe we’ll receive the gift of an age minimum for the professional leagues here.

[i]Originally posted by NinerLoudNProud[/i]@Sep 30 2004, 04:47 PM [b] Hell by then maybe we'll receive the gift of an age minimum for the professional leagues here. [/b]
that's a good point, the NBA player/owner contract runs out soon (next offseason I think) and that will definitely be a point that will come up at some point when negociating the new deal....

I asked Eddie about Beasley the other day, being that Eddie is from the DC area. He was raving about the kid. Said he can play 1-5 on the court. Shoot the soft left hand jumper or take it to the hole. He ended it with…get him nice PG and he’ll take you anywhere you want.

[i]Originally posted by LeftyNiner[/i]@Nov 4 2004, 05:43 PM [b]He ended it with...get him nice PG and he'll take you anywhere you want.[/b]
Maybe taking that out of context, but sounds like a little shot at our PGs over the past few years. Hopefully Mitch and then Goldwire will become more playmakers for other people rather than scorers. It was pretty insane how easily Demon could drive and dish when he wanted, if we could find a guy who doesn't need to take 10 shots a game, we would be a lot better off.

Good news about Beasly though, hope he does decide to stop in Charlotte before his NBA career, could be a one and done trip to the elite 8 or beyond, but as Eddie said, all depends on who we get around him. Could be a Kris Humpries one and done or a Carmelo.

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[b]QUOTE[/b] (Butter49er @ Nov 4 2004, 05:48 PM)

Eddie and Demon were like Siamese twins. I doubt Eddie would take a shot at Demon like that unless something seriously soured last year in their relationship.

I hope he is talking about Nolan Smith and a package deal with Beasley since it has been mentioned they would like to play together.

Isn’t this a verbal commitment? 2007 is too far away to sign a LOI.

[i]Originally posted by LakeNorman49er[/i]@Nov 7 2004, 06:39 PM [b] Isn't this a verbal commitment? 2007 is too far away to sign a LOI. [/b]
Never mind. I just noticed the title thread says "verballed".

I will take him even if he is a one-and-done.

A little old, but just stumbled across it…

[b]6’8 DC Assault F Michael Beasley can lay claim as possibly the best prospect at the event. A man’s body at a child’s age, Beasley has good size and agility, and all the tools one would want on the floor. A solid ball handler and passer, he also shoots well from outside, and has good moves on the block. But while Beasley has all the physical ability, the mental side of the game is almost non-existent. The good thing is, he has another 4 years to develop that before deciding between maybe the NBA, and his stated top two schools, Syracuse and UNC-Charlotte.[/b]

NBAdraft.net ranked Beasley as top prospect at ADIDAS camp

Quote from another article on the camp

[b]while frontcourt mate Michael Beasley dominated. The class of 2008 player (Beasley) already has a strong body, despite having yet to enter high school. He scored at will, both in the paint, and with jumpers from the outside, can handle the ball, and played solid defense. The DC native and member of the DC Assault looked much less inspired for his evening game, but is clearly among the best in his age group right now. Look to hear this name many more times over the next four years before his high school days are through.[/b]

So when will beasley be here?


Is there any specific reason he chose charlotte?
Maybe he really liked the goldusters’ uniforms.

Assuming he shows up, 2007-08 will be his first season here. He will proceed to lead us to a national championship, and then leave for the NBA

If he leads us to a National championship he can do whatever he wants. :slight_smile:

I take these verbals with a grain of salt as I’m sure the coaches do too. You can’t tell me that as he develops his game in high school that he won’t have every major program in the country promising him the world. Charlotte won’t seem so great after that happens I’m afraid.

[i]Originally posted by NormanNiner[/i]@Dec 17 2004, 10:15 AM [b] I take these verbals with a grain of salt as I'm sure the coaches do too. You can't tell me that as he develops his game in high school that he won't have every major program in the country promising him the world. Charlotte won't seem so great after that happens I'm afraid. [/b]
I agree, but I do take solice in the fact that he apparently chose us over Syracuse which is a top 10 program. That gives me hope that the reasons he chose us will not change just because a higher profile program is wooing him. Let's keep our finger crossed.

Per the Insiders.com

Michael Beasley, Scout.com’s No. 2 player in the Class of 2007, had his breakout game of the year for Riverdale Baptist Tuesday evening. The 6-foot-8 Beasley went off for 29 points and 14 rebounds. The future Charlotte 49ers (should he not declare for the draft) went 11-for-16 from the field. Riverdale Baptist beat Paul VI 81-77.

from washingtonpost.com

[b]Riverdale Baptist's top-ranked boys' basketball team could play its next five games without one of its star players because Maryland and Illinois state high school athletic associations prohibit member schools from playing opponents with athletes who are home-schooled.

Riverdale Baptist Athletic Director Terry Terrill last night said the school is examining its options after learning over the weekend about the potential problem that exists because sophomore center Mike Beasley is home-schooled and pays an athletic fee to play for the Crusaders. Riverdale Baptist (16-0) is scheduled to play Suitland on Thursday, in the Martin Luther King I Have a Dream Tournament in Chicago over the weekend and subsequently against Northwestern and No. 11 Crossland.

“If it’s a state guideline and that’s the only way they’ll play us, certainly we’ll abide by that,” Terrill said. “In the meantime, we’re trying to find the best situation for the school and Beasley to work through. We’ll get there. We’re seeing what our options are.”

Terrill has said that home-schooled athletes have competed on Riverdale’s teams for more than 10 years, but school officials did not know that Maryland Public Secondary Schools Athletic Association rules prohibit member schools from playing teams with home-schooled students. [/b]

from washingtonpost.com

[b] No. 2 RIVERDALE BAPTIST 70, GOOD COUNSEL 65 Highlights: Riverdale Baptist sophomore foward Mike Beasley had 36 points and 15 rebounds.[/b]