Middle Tennessee Home Game 1-4-20 4:00 Tip

Blue Raiders at ODU tonight before heading to CLT for Saturday’s tilt at Halton.

MTSU is #316 per Bart Torvik, very close as a team to UNCW who is at #324. We are now at #119 after last night’s win.


Me likee.

Looking for two lowers, DM please.

I read this as “looking for two lovers.” :rofl:

If we were to finish the season with our current Torvik rating it would be the best rating since Lutz days. That would be a hell of a turn around.

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Yeah but people in the shoutbox said Sanchez can’t coach.


Winners and Whiners picks MT to win. Hmm… :thinking:

That’s why I dont listen to people about betting advice. The vegas swayers. Dont listen to sportschat,whiners, any betting “advice” sites. These ppl go off stat sheets esp with our school. Advice ppl and vegas cant measure the intangibles.

Well, knew to take it with a grain of salt when the W+W writer had the incorrect score for the MT @ ODU game last night.

Anyway, when looking at today’s NET, noticed URI had dropped 25 spots (65 to 90) without even playing yesterday. Then I remembered their last game had been against Middle Tennessee, whose 300ish ranking is definitely a NET killer!

clt bets we win but central Tennessee covers

ESPN BPI predictor gives us 83.5% chance of beating MT, with the spread at -6.5.

So I guess our ranking is going to drop too regardless of the outcome today.

Do we crack 60 points?

Yes. 62-54

Is Shepherd able to play today?

i think he’s questionable right now.

No need to rush him back until he’s 100%…we’re not winning any Conference championships or anything. So…let him get healthy. The team will have to have other players step up and be more aggressive in his absence…that’s a great thing long term. Then we will be much better when he does return.

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Disagree…this team needs to pile up wins for many reasons…fan interest,attendance, tourney seeding, etc…get him back asap…all hands on deck.